1. Sam says

    Tyler Oakley is a disgusting individual. Apparently according to him, “calling something racist is in itself, racist” and gay rights are the only social issue that one should care about. He’s the next Perez Hilton tbh.

  2. Davis says

    He’s a fanboy. Not a fangirl. Why do gay males allow themselves to be labeled as female? How about we develop a sense of self-respect and a regard for our own manhood?

  3. jamal49 says

    @DAVIS I’m a “fangirl”. I’m a gay male. I love and respect myself. And my manhood is doin’ just FINE!! So, I guess the problem is with you then, right mate?

  4. Phillip says


    He calls himself a fangirl because he isn’t really a man. He is one of these self-hating gays who can only make sense of their sexuality by imagining themselves as a quasi-female. Oakley is the sort of damaged individual who would call himself “queer” and insist that he is linked to transsexuals per LGBT. Fortunately, his generation will be one of the last to be saddled with this colonized mentality.

  5. says

    I’m not a fan of Tyler myself mostly because of his questionable views on race and trans individuals but he can call himself whatever he damn well likes. I can’t wait till the “all masc no fem” crowd becomes the silent minority.

  6. Rick says

    Oh really, Derrick? Have you not noticed? The All Masc No Fem crowd already is the silent minority. We can’t put a face to our comments and we never show the examples of masculinity we claim to be and we want all you fems to disappear. We are silent and we are invisible and it’s all because you effeminate liberals aren’t.

  7. Phillip says

    I agree, Rick. When I told my parents I was gay they said “oh, you mean LGBT and Queer”, and I said NO! I am GAY! And they said no and forced me to have my testicles removed and i was forced to take hormones to grow breasts and it’s all because of those gay men who say things like “hey girl!” and now because of you effeminate gay men I have a pair of boobs.

  8. Justine says

    why the hell do you guys even care what Tyler is labled as? He knows what he is being labled as, and he doesnt mind it!! At all. so stop being idiots!! and if you dont know WHAT, something is you dont have be an ass about asking about it. Nor do you have to ridicule him about his view on race or sexuality!!

  9. says

    *sigh* I wish I had a career in entertainment like the 1D guys. But even though I come from a wealthy family with a corporate executive for a father and even though they sent me to this expensive private school to study acting, I have been a complete failure. Heck, I am so lacking in talent and drive that I haven’t even been able to establish myself on Youtube like Tyler has. Just one more reason for my folks to feel ashamed of me, I guess.

  10. SAYTHETRUTH says

    I unsubscribed from Tyler youtube channel a long time ago when he kept uploading and later deleting drunken videos of himself and being inconstant. He had some problems back then, teen immaturity. Not like he is that mature right now, but he is certainly accomplishing some dreams. I don’t like his –on purpose- campiness exaggeration, but I guess he decided for that to be his public charisma.

  11. Phillip says


    It isn’t a matter of demanding that everyone be masculine and no one be feminine. There are some guys, gay and straight, who are naturally inclined toward fem behavior. I have no problem with that, and those guys should just be themselves.

    What I do have a problem with is fem behavior being deliberately exaggerated and equated with being gay. Which is what Tyler does. Tyler is putting on an act, an extended clown act. It is undignified. Gay men shouldn’t be the court jesters of the world.

    I also have a problem with a gay guy, who is not trans, calling himself a “girl.” That is homophobic. It is the product of a mind damaged and colonized by homophobia, and which sees gays something other than men, as quasi-men or as something half-way between a man and a woman. As homophobia recedes, the whole debased queen comedy act phenomenon will continue to die off.

  12. UFFDA says

    Phillip, I commend your for your post and ask that you do what those effeminate queens always do and put it, with your face, on youtube. That way you can show young gay men across the world how to be a non-girl gay man. When can we expect to see this video of you talking about being a strong gay man? By the end of the day, please?

  13. says

    UFFDA, It’s really me and yes, they really are ashamed of me. I can see it in their eyes every time I look at them. They thought that their investment in my career would actually result in at least one paying gig. But I can’t even land a role in community theater!

    Fortunately, now that I am losing my hair, I may have a shot at the lead in The King and I.

  14. UFFDA says

    I would do it myself, Phillip, but the problem is I’m not actually who I say I am – this is merely one of many aliases I use to comment with online, so you understand I can’t go and put my face on a youtube video talking about the things I want other people to talk about.

    So, since you are not me posing under various screen names, do you think by the end of the day we can see you on youtube, like Oakley, showing us all how to be a gay man who doesnt’ want to be a girl? It would be a great way to make your message stronger. In fact, with out doing just that; putting a face to your comments, your message holds no weight whatsoever.

    So, please do put it on youtube. My very mental stability depends on it.

  15. Audi-owner says

    It’s obvious to me that the moron posting mockery/imposter comments of some previous commenters here has far too much time on their hands and may suffer from a possible mental illness and or social retardation.

    It is also obvious to me that half of the readers of this blog have this ridiculous delusion that homosexuality and masculinity are mutually exclusive,therefore have convinced themselves that masculinity and homosexuality cannot/does not coexist in out/proud gay males. That speaks volumes all in itself. I know I’m not wasting my time and energy on those “queens”. At the end of the day,I’m masculine out and proud. I’m not the self-hating insecure t*at here who’s calling out all gay men who take pride in being masculine as self-hating/insecure (which by the way both words get thrown around so much,they can easily be ignored now due to their depreciation in meaning) and I won’t even consider wasting my precious time explaining myself to some dips**t queen I’ve never met before either. This site has been a tragic downhill racer for the last few years anyway. The article posted above is enough evidence needed to prove that point of view. That along with the idiots who comment here on a daily basis.

    Incidentally,I’ve watched some of Tyler Oakley’s videos in the not so distant past. He’s good friends with Kingsley and Miles Jai,so I doubt he’s racist like some idiots here claim.And I’m usually one of the first people to sound off when I read about,hear of,know of,and or encounter a racist .I think some of you are just bitter and live under rocks or something and are probably too out-of-touch with current pop culture to know much about these things. And some of you really need to let go of this hard-on you have for trannies. It’s not that serious and they don’t identify with gay/lesbian causes but you insist on making everything “LGBT” related. I’m just waiting for 5 more letters to “classify this “community”. Maybe something like “LGBTQQFDA”. If we allow you people to get your way,that’s probably what we’d wind up with. I’d bet any amount of money on that.

  16. UFFDA says

    Phillip, I’m begging you to make a youtube video. The only gay men who post videos on youtube are femmes and it’s about time someone as truly masculine as you put a face to what you are saying. Like I said, I would do it myself, but I’m unable to as I’m not a real person, I’m just a sock puppet. Can you please finally do what no masculine male commenters on this site have ever done and put a face to what it means to be a gay man who doesn’t say “hey girl”?

  17. UFFDA says

    Even better! Audi-Owner! Can you finally shut all those fem queens up by posting a video on youtube where you show yourself and how strong and masculine you are?

    I’m just sick to death coming on here every day seeing fems and trans people being out and proud and guys like you and I, for some reason, being unable to be just as visible online.

    Perhaps you, Audi-Owner, can finally break the curse and provide us with a strong masculine gay male example, via a youtube video? You can make it short – just click record on your MacBook, post it to youtube, and we can all finally shame those fems by showing you how a masculine man speaks on youtube.

    Will you please finally do it?

  18. UFFDA says

    Audi-Owner, please make a youtube video. We need to show those queens what a real man looks like. Like I’ve said, I’d do it myself but I’m actually not terribly masculine, and I don’t want people to know that. But you, clearly, have no insecurities as a gay man so I cannot possibly fathom why you wouldn’t make a quick youtube video to finally shut these queens up once and for all. Will you?

  19. says

    I didn’t know being friends with minorites meant you can’t be racist.

    “I’m not racist I have black friends” or maybe Tyler knows that those particular youtubers happen to average over a million views on their videos so buddying up with them will help his viewership. It’s not wonder that once he started chumming it up with Kingsley his videos, which didn’t top 50k at the time, now get close to 200k. But what do I know I’ve just followed the guy since he was in high school via youtube and other social networking sites.

  20. UFFDA says

    If someone masculine doesn’t post a video where they actually prove what a strong masculine “non-girl” gay man they are then the fems are going to win! We can’t let the fems win! Some MAN please do something and save us!!!!

  21. UFFDA says

    Well, I see none of you guys could help our masculine non-girl side out by showing those fems how to be a real gay man. I’m disappointed in you guys; this was your chance to put those fems in their shameful place, and instead it’s just another day where none of you were able to man-up and do it. I’m sad. You let the fems win. Now I’m gonna get back to posting nonsense under Kiwis name.

  22. Audi-Owner says

    Oakley’s effeminacy as as affected and fake as my masculinity. The only difference is his effeminacy is on display on youtube and my masculinity exists only in text form.

  23. Ryan says

    I totally don’t get One Direction as a band or ‘fangirling’ in general, but I think it’s adorably cute when ‘fangirls’ (or boys) get to interview their idols. I don’t have to ‘get it’ in terms of why people are interested in something to begin with, in order to appreciate their happiness at a cool opportunity or dreams fulfilled, silly as those dreams may be.

    So, Tyler Oakley, your adorable dream fulfillment just gave me a couple minutes of happiness by osmosis. May we all see our dreams fulfilled every once in a while :)

  24. JMC says

    Audi-Owner did you seriously just say that Tyler Oakley can’t be racist because he is casual acquaintances with a black person? You are the worst kind of person.

  25. Phillip says

    @Audi-Owner 7:22 above,

    Thanks for that post (the long one at 7:22 and not the fake ones from the deranged Kiwi). Completely agree with what you said.

    @ Kiwi, posting under various names demanding that normal gays post Youtube videos to prove how manly they are:

    To post a video for the purpose of demonstrating how manly and masculine you are and to seek the gaze of others for such a demonstration is itself unmanly and unmasculine.
    To post such a video would defeat the purported purpose of the video. I am not surprised you don’t understand this.

    Further, your supposition that gay boys need to see a video to learn what it is like to be a man is a great illustration of internalized homophobia. Gay boys are boys. They don’t need a video to prove that to them. What they need is to have gay adults stop telling them that they are girls and that they are, as a matter of identity and definition, linked to transsexuals.

    Finally, there actually are many, many normal gay men on Youtube. They don’t have videos up to show off their masculinity or to prove a point to a deranged commenter like yourself. They are just living their lives and sharing. And they don’t act like clowns or pretend to be 12 year old girls or equate themselves with transsexuals. Good luck to you!

  26. m says

    why are people analyzing this? its not so serious. anyone who follows tyler knows that he has been a little obsessed with 1D. you would know he makes fun of himself. its actually kind of cute that he got the interview. he genuinely likes them. so big deal. if you don’t like tyler or he insults your masculinity don’t watch him. omg you would probably just start squealing if you did. and the next thing you know your masculinity disappears. poof.

  27. Phillip says

    You have no idea how difficult it is being a modern-day eunuch, constantly having to swap from my various screen names in order to avoid having to show myself. I’m sick of fems being more out than me and I’m especially sick of fem commenters calling my bluff and making me look like the wimp I am, day in and day out.

  28. DrunkEnough says

    Like so many of his friends in his YouTube channel clique (Caspar Lee, the Harries Twins, Joey Graceffa), Tyler Oakley looks good but he has nothing intelligent to say, and indeed nothing to say at all unless it’s about himself.

  29. Halli says

    I think Tyler is now in the very bizarre situation of being an object of adoration of pre-teen and teenage girls (have you seen how he gets mobbed in public now? scary) while also being a foul-mouthed gay man who talks openly about his sex life on a publicly available channel of mass media in a way that was inconceivable even 10 years ago. He knows his audience and what they want: a surrogate for them. He has to keep them happy for his channel to work.
    His interactions with the other young men on Youtube is fascinating to me: they’re all in this weird constructed world now where even the straight guys are feminized in affect, while being worked out in body. How this is all perceived by his primary audience and how it’s assimilated into the culture at large fascinates me.

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