1. says

    fact remains that images of sexy jewish penises aren’t as harmful to society as the continued glorification of guns in culture.

    deviant behavior? *yawn* calm down, mary.

  2. woodroad34 says

    I WISH there was a sexy jewish problem–actually, even then, I wouldn’t consider it a problem. The problem is people who vote for irrational fear and dumb-ass thinkers like Moose Mom or whatever and her ilk.

  3. woodroad34 says

    Actually, what I was going to say, before I got sidetracked looking at Little Kiwi’s video, was good for Anthony for shouting the clod down and telling him how low he was and that he wasn’t good enough to judge him. That’s the kind of language Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer, and yes, Liz Cheney need to hear. Ya aren’t good ‘nuf to judge us, Blanche; ya just aren’t.

  4. NotSafeForWork says

    Weiner is correct. This man has no right to judge him. He can express his opinion and his vote and if he chooses to be misguided by his personal feelings, then so be it.

  5. Wisebear says

    LITTLE KIWI I LOVE YOU! That video is brilliant. And you can play with my sexy Jewish penis any time.

  6. Moz's says

    the man doesn’t need to be weiner’s judge, but there is no denying weiner is a shanda fur die goy

  7. johnny says

    Seriously, people are siding with the guy who sends penis pics around behind his wife’s back, then steps down from his position only to run for office again?

    THIS is the guy who should be in charge of anything?

    I love penis pics as much as the next guy, but there is a point where you have to weigh his ethics and wonder if he’s a good choice for office.

    So far, nope.

  8. Jeffers says

    Responded Weiner: “You know who judges me? Not you. You don’t get to judge me because you’ve shown no sign you’re superior to me and you are not my god.”

    Everyone in New York gets to judge him… that’s what running for public office is all about. The fact that folks are judging him based on his personal behavior may be frustratring to Weiner, but it is the reality of his career. This kind of reaction only further damages him – clearly he’s too narcissistic to see this…

    I hope he shrivels up and goes away soon…

  9. Jack M says

    The guy arguing with Weiner is right. If you run for public office, the risk of having any of your dirty laundry aired is par for the course. If Weiner kept his weiner in his pants, maybe he wouldn’t have to deal with situations like this.

  10. Mark says

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to judge the behaviour of someone who’s running for public office. Weiner loses points (he didn’t even have) for getting into a shouting match with this guy.

  11. gomez says

    um, yes we are your judge, that’s life. and while kiwi does have a point about the fetishism of guns in the us, it’s a deflection from the raging reckless narcissism of weiner. and the fact that kiwi has chosen to defend a raging narcissist surprises not a single person

  12. Marc says

    Weiner, yes, we all get to judge you. Not as your superior. As your human equal. If you want to run for public office, we would be insane NOT to judge our candidates. That’s the whole purpose of elections. You will be judged Weiner. And this video isn’t helping you.

  13. Bill says

    @johnny: Personally, I’m less concerned with a politician who has his hand on his own penis than one who is after my wallet.

    In the case of the guy arguing with Weiner, he’s probably jealous due to having an obviously un-hot body for which there is an obvious reason to keep it covered up.

    (OK – someone had to say it, as if all that could possibly matter is how the guy looks.)

  14. JY says

    Anyone flailing their little arms in approval about this man talking about his private sex life pertaining to his employment, I’ll direct you to the lack of ENDA in this country driven by people who say the exact same things as this voter about each and every one of you.

  15. JY says

    Anyone flailing their little arms in approval about this man talking about his private sex life pertaining to his employment, I’ll direct you to the lack of ENDA in this country driven by people who say the exact same things as this voter about each and every one of you.

  16. says

    it’s very simple: if your issue with a politician is not his POLICIES, but a non-work-related “sex scandal” about pictures of his penis, which (for those who have the brains to detect nuance) shows no actual hypocrisy in relation to his policies, then you’re all that is wrong with america.

    like i said in the video, had this guy been on a “morality” campaign, it’d be hypocritical. it ain’t.

    but hey, there are millions of complete idiots out there who vote vote vote, without the vaguest inkling about the specifics of their candidates policies. i’m just glad i’m not one of them.

  17. Fenrox says

    Man, this article is WRONG. You gotta see how this started, the customer called Weiner a scumbag, Weiner took it ok, then the customer said “and you married an arab”, THEN Weiner went off on him.

    There are reasons to not vote for him and reasons to hate him, defending his wife’s honor from some jerk isn’t one of them. God just look at his voting record if you want a reason to not put him in office.

  18. Aedan says

    Fenrox has it right. Once again the Internet has been prey to the clutches of selective editing. Which is the very reason why when this little clip was released this morning I decided to hold off on passing judgement on the situation until I heard more.

    People, look: I know it’s cathartic to immediately jump on something shiny and so good it’s probably bad for you. But you know about that saying “too good to be true”? Well take it to heart. The Weiner Hate Bandwagon is full steam ahead- but this video is actually the exact opposite of what it was initially advertised as. Instead of proof of this mans crazy hubris it was someone simply defending his wife. It actually put him in a better, more sympathetic light.

    Does he have his faults? Yep. Is this video proof of any of them? Nope.

    Stop. Jumping. To. Conclusions. See a 30-second clip? Try waiting for a longer version before taking what it is depicting to heart.

  19. Don says

    Weiner is a national treasure. He’ll be remembered long after any of you. A “Jeopary” question, and the history books.

  20. says

    Clinton was a good president regardless of his personal short comings, and Weiner was better at defending liberal issues against the Republicans then all the other Dems put together.

    If I were a NY’er I’d vote for him. I don’t think showing his thingy to some women means he can’t do a million other things well, such as fight for equality and just causes.

  21. NY2.0 says

    This is not the whole story, the guy called Weiner a scumbag for marrying an Arab. Weiner then stepped back into the bakery and confronted him.

  22. Ed says

    I can’t stand all the fake moral preachiness, and hypocritical sex obsession.

    New York Senator Hillary Clinton voted for a war that cost thousands of lives. And most Americans will still vote for her.

    But Anthony Weiner sent a picture of his penis. And now he’s unelectable.

  23. says

    Political candidates implicitly invite voter judgement, and overtly campaign in an effort to ensure that they are judged favorably. Weiner is happy to recite the bits of his history that he wants voters to remember when they cast their votes. He has even said “voters have their own ideas of what they want this race to be about” and “part of my idea is to let voters decide…”.

    Deciding who to vote for requires judgement. Is Weiner only willing to count the votes of people who he deems superior to him? Nonsense!