1. Adamn says

    I don’t know what’s sadder – Britney miming her way through yet another ‘song’ or Towleroad promoting her. The woman is a fake, a complete no-talent.

    The truly tragic thing is that gay websites continue to cheapen themselves by calling what she does ‘music’.

  2. Nigel says

    Oh Hell No! With all due respect, I’ve seen the fierce bitches turn it out on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
    Miley and Britney need some remedial education on RuPaul’s Drag U, but with plenty of effort and practice, someday they could be entertaining in a good way.

  3. Truthiness says

    Britney’s producers make great albums & singles.

    Beyond that, she’s terrible live: doesn’t dance anymore & no one expects her to sing live.

    I don’t think she’s even in the room when they record her albums.

    But I still like the music.

  4. says

    Britney built my strength up when I was weak, her music lifted me up. For you to discredit her music just because you dislike it shows how immature you are. If you don’t like her avoid posts about her, she actually means something to her fans.

  5. Robert says

    Britney started out as a bland pop star. Anyone who even knows a THING about EDM will realize that, talented or not, she has surrounded herself with EXTRAORDINARY producers and musicians for her last 3 albums. I don’t think she herself is talented, but to say her music is terrible just shows you don’t know a thing about music.

  6. Luke says

    @Dont a tell a, 12 year old girls? Most Britney fans are probably a bit older now.. Her fan base grew up with her and have stuck with her. She’s probably got the most loyal fan base of any pop star.

  7. JDH says

    Britney Spears is to music what Pollack is to fine art (bear with me!) – their product is not about subject, skill, or technique, it’s entirely about the *medium.*

    What has made Britney so successful is two things: First, she’s enigmatic. Nobody really knows anything about what she thinks, believes, feels, or how she lives her life. Nobody knows how much she contributes to the music or how much she’s a puppet of the pop machine. Second, she knows her own limits. She doesn’t attempt to write her own songs or music and end up with strong convictions about terrible music (like Christina or Mariah).

    Her music is entirely about the medium, and she seems humble and content enough to stay out of the way of the geniuses she works with. She’s basically the promotional vehicle for a collection of DJ sets and producers who are absolutely creating art, even if it’s abstract and generally devoid of “content.”

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