1. Bill says

    A great way to dramatically cut GMHC’s expenses would be if gay and bi men would stop getting and transmitting HIV. The HC in GMHC stands for “health crisis.” But how does a crisis last for 30 years?

    We have known about the cause and the method of transmission of this “health crisis” since 1982 and about the causative agent since 1984. Had we reduced transmission to zero back in 1982-4, there would be virtually no gay or bi men with AIDS today and GMHC could change its name and have no budget worries.

  2. Perry says

    What a disingenuous article. The problems did not stem from the sequester cuts. The problems result from bad financial management (in areas beyond rent I am sure). Every organization should be ready to deal with disruption in revenue, especially when they depend on government funding.

  3. NYCer says

    Sounds like really poor management to me.

    While what they do, in one regard, is noble, it’s also not rocket science. Let’s provide healthcare, food, etc. to those desperately in need.

    Does it really numerous people making high six figure salaries to make it work?

    Also, want to end the “health crisis”? Use a condom. It literally is that simple.

  4. ratbastard says

    This obsession with HIV among gay oriented health clinics really gets under my skin. I understand they get federal funding that must be used specifically for HIV/AIDS, but it’s a little ridiculous how it’s pushed as soon as you walk through the doors. Likewise, there’s funding available specifically for alcoholics and drug addicts, so some men and women must actually lie and say they have a substance abuse problem i order to get mental health care, especially. The whole system of federal funding, the politics, the poorly written and rigid legislation, is FUBAR.

    Obviously, this center is/was poorly managed. Scandalously mismanaged. An old story, repeated in many other non-profit organizations, where a clique at the top line their and their cronies pockets.

    As for the food pantry, good God, SNAP/Food Stamps are practically given away on street corners. I understand some special funding is about to dry up, but it should still be easily available for anyone poor enough to use a food pantry in NY. And maybe if we didn’t have so many regulations and laws now that make it impossible for a company to donate perfectly edible food due to liability concerns, this would be far less of an issue. It’s insane to see the amount of food that is literally thrown out and can’t be donated.

  5. The Truth Hurts says

    The scandal doesn’t stop with toe ouster of Marjorie Hill. Janet Weinberg and the equally shady Lynnette Ford will keep the same old system moving forward. Wasted, inflated salaries to upper management, cronyism and mismanagement of funds will continue the status quo.

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