1. Stephen says

    IT IS A LAW. IT CAN NOT BE POUSHED BACK. Are they just STUPID? I would like to slap the shite out of her and Marcus both….several times over….again and again.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Once again, I ask, is there a petition out there for the arrest and conviction of these traitors, who have openly said for years they are out to shut down the government? Cuz according to the Constitution, they fit the bill (no pun intended).

  3. Bart says

    EVERYBODY in America, even on the right, thinks this future-felon is insane and ridiculous. I appreciate that FOX news doesn’t get it. And I ssuspect her glee is not phony, she’s not smart enough to realize the days of the Tea Party are now numbered because of this dunderheadedness, of which she is queen.

    Such a pathetic woman. I can’t wait for the ethics charges and criminal charges against her to come rolling in.

  4. says

    Watch her.
    She is only interested in her image, her hair, her clothes.

    It’s all about her.She cares nothing for the American people and less for any who fall below her Prada/Dior lifestyle.
    As for shutting down the government, why is there not a padlock on the Capitol Building ?
    Why are these traitors parading around the Capitol Building in their self important struts ?
    Let ‘Shut Down ‘ mean what it says on the can…..shut down the building.

  5. Gareth says

    Oh God this woman irritates the fizzy piss out of me.

    Who in their right mind considers sitting in the corner and refusing to cooperate as “winning this dialogue”?
    They shut the dialogue down. That’s the whole point.

  6. Bernie says

    As usual, Ms. Bachmann is delusional……..there is NO diaglouge……and of course, she would be “happy” the government is shut down…This is her last hurrah as this is her last term…………

  7. TODD says

    She is happy because she thinks she’s part of the last laugh on the “colored president” she can’t stand. She probably even thinks after climbing through a few high profile government positions he isn’t even a US citizen…you know that birther BS. Which is funny. Don’t you think somebody would have checked back when he was a senator that he had a US birth certificate. This is why I can’t follow the GOP because it is so evident that he is a US citizen and the fact that they think there is a conspiracy….still…has me wonder if their prescriptions for bi-polar disorder are not covered under the government care act anymore. Seriously she’s making Minnesota regret their voting power everyday!

  8. redball says

    PRETTY SURE she’s a sociopath.

    –The WIC nutrition program for poor women and THEIR INFANTS is turning away applicants due to the shutdown.
    –The NIH is turning away children WITH CANCER for new and exciting treatments because they are understaffed do to the shutdown.
    –About 900,000 Federal workers are without income.

    (All of these are eminently Googleable if you wanna fact-check any of it! Except that I got the NIH bit from a public FB post by an NIH physician.)

    And this sick b.tch is “the happiest she’s been in a long time”?

  9. redball says

    Forgot to mention that the children with cancer are children for whom traditional treatments had failed. That is, these children literally NEED access to these new treatments.

    Also, I am one of the 900,000 federal employees currently on furlough and not getting paid during this f.cktastic shutdown. this raggedy b.tch.

  10. redball says

    I want to also mention the impact on local businesses. Where I work, here in DC, there are tons of federal buildings and tons of family-owned eateries that depend upon the breakfast-time and lunchtime business of federal workers. I haven’t seen much in the media on this issue, but I’m sure those businesses are being hit TREMENDOUSLY.

  11. jamal49 says

    @Tinkerbelle to my knowledge, no, there isn’t a petition calling for the arrest and conviction of those Republican reprobates. But, there should be because what the Republicans have done is nothing less than outright sedition and treason. They are attempting to subvert, if not outright overthrow, the legally-constituted government of the United States of America.

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