1. moldy mayonaisse says

    Is Macklemore selling tickets to suck him off backstage and contracting the manufacture and distribution of the video of the event to Sean Cody? Otherwise I’m not interested.

  2. bobspice says

    Seriously – what has happened to the messageboards here? They used to showcase interesting views and debate even – dare I say it – supportive and friendly banter. Something ugly has happened in the last month or so, to turn it into a sub-Dlisted bitchfest. It is a serious shame because similar sites don’t have the range, depth or advocacy – but it’s simply not a pleasant place to be these days.

  3. Rowan says

    True BOBSPICE but in all fairness this site has been growing and whilst it has been growing, it has gotten less….intellectually cohesive? Saying that it’s still the best gay site out there bar none.

    Anyway, I love what these guys have done. Still independent aren’t they? Haha. Could Miley, Kanye, Beyonce etc ever become this big without having their team shoving their agenda down our throats 24/7!

  4. jjose712 says

    bobspice: Unfortunately i didn’t live that period. It’s always trolling and more trolling, fortunately there’s interesting people writing too, but some comments are so stupid that are difficult to believe the one who wrote them is same

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