1. MIke says

    As someone who lives 2000 miles away, I say freakin’ fantastic. And may he raise taxes until their eyes pop out. 60 or 70 percent for every business or individual starting at over 100K gross earnings sounds about right. After all, what’s fair is fair.

  2. Peter says

    This is especially satisfying news because:

    1) Certain NYC media outlets have been painting De Blasio as the second coming of Fidel Castro, and

    2) Perhaps there are more kitten lovers in NYC than kitten squashers like Lhota.

  3. Bob R says

    Isn’t Chris Christie a Lhota supporter and endorser? Maybe some of that can be used to influence his re-election bid in NJ. I really hope if Christie is re-elected, the margin of victory is much lower than predicted. I wish the Democrats had a deBlasio in New Jersey’s gubernatorial race.

    As for deBlasio’s 50 point lead, GREAT! I hope he turns out to be an excellent progressive mayor for NYC. Although I know deBlasio’s big lead is in no way a sign of America becoming disgusted with the GOP and conservatives in particular, I personally hope that it is.