1. Zack says

    This story has sadly been repeated over and over again,many times to couples with POA’s who find out they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.
    Marriage equality is the only way to go.

  2. Mike C. says

    The couple at any point could have entered into a domestic partnership under California law, and much of the issues the film seeks to exploit would have been solved. But they didn’t, out of making a political statement. The story of Thomas Bridegroom has many stories to teach, but it has nothing to do with same sex marriage

  3. Mike Ryan says

    This kind of accident can happen to anyone – seriously. I was painting my kitchen and like an idiot was standing on the stove to paint the wall behind it. Don’t ask me why but I stepped back and fell four feet to the floor hitting my head against the wall so hard I truly saw stars. And I was alone. For a moment I wasn’t sure if I was alive or dead, if I could stand up but for the grace of goodness I did. I had a knot on the back of my head that scared the bageebees out of me and made it to the phone to call a nurse who lived in my building. He came up and looked at it, said I was lucky I had the bump because if I didn’t that meant the bump had gone inward and I was in deep trouble.

    This story is heartbreaking but I applaud Shane for surviving and going on. I despise Tom’s family and believe what comes around goes around and perhaps this film will slap them silly enough to realize they have a wonderful son-in-law who loved their son more than anyone on earth.

  4. will says

    There are very few reviews of this film on rotten tomatoes, but all are positive, including the New York Times and the Village Voice. The trailer has the slight veneer of afterschool special but apparently it’s a strong movie. The woman who created, produced, and wrote many of the episodes of “Designing Women” directed this.

  5. Mike C says

    Because Caliban, it’s like when we have Christmas at my parent’s house and I sit under the table in an adult diaper while I get the occasional scraps fed to me. If you just do what your parents say and refuse to challenge them for hating your being gay, you don’t end up falling off of roofs, because you’re under the table. Eating the gristle off of your family’s dinner plates.

  6. Stephen says

    I saw it at a film festival recently. Not a dry eye in the room. The movie has nothing to do with same sex marriage, as some have suggested, and everything to do with a loving relationship that one family could not accept.

  7. acorlando says

    I note with interest (as a supporter on Kickstarter) that it is now released to Netflix, yet the backers have yet to receive their copy of the dvd :(

  8. Dback says

    Saw this Friday night at the Portland Lesbian & Gay Film festival to a very packed house–people were audibly sobbing during it. Scant consolation, but at least Tom and Shane documented so much of their life and travels together, so that their story was shareable. And yes, it does underscore the helpless situation some gay survivors can find themselves in after a partner is injured, sick, or passes away because they aren’t “family.” (Shades of gay men in the 80’s who’d come home from the hospital after losing their partners and find that their partner’s estranged family members had changed the locks and emptied the place out.)

    So on a practical level, the film is a warning: take precautions to legally protect yourself. But emotionally, the most important message is to love your significant other as much as possible–you never know when will be the last moment you see them.

  9. Alan says

    What I don’t understand is how these two knowing how the family and parents felt about their relationship did not draft and sign a power of attorney (POA). They had been together for about 6 years.

    I have a friend whose parents disowned him when he came out and have not spoken to him since then. He is in a 10 year relationship and had enough common sense to sign a POA when they knew they were going to be together as a “married” couple.

    Obviously spiteful parents or family members could contest the POA (even though not likely to win) but you take every precaution possible. It is like people who aren’t responsible enough to have a living will and other legal documents in case of their death or being physically/mentally incapacitated. Obviously they shouldn’t have to take these extra steps, but that is the reality they are living in.

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