1. 69X says

    Danny, Your 10 cent psychology doesn’t work. You think you’ve got it all figured out. The answer is called gay life. It doesn’t come very highly recommended. You can die because of it and people do.

  2. ratbastard says

    Matheson sounds like real piece of work. Poor man paralized will require a lifetime if support, medical, psychological, and financial. I wish him the very best. Will the Canadian justice system deal with Matheson appropriately? I doubt it.

  3. Chris says

    @69x You’re right, people do die as a result of being gay. But it’s because of bigots like you. Be gone, idiot.

  4. kennetho9322 says

    Hard to believe this sort of thing still goes on in uber gay Canada where same-sex marriage has been legal for ten years now.

  5. danswon says

    What is the point of this mindless violence? The fact that he attacked a woman with a weapon earlier in the night in an unrelated incident suggests to me that he is a psychopath and should not be allowed into society, maybe ever.

  6. 69X says

    You can read about violence on this site. I meant “gay life” today. By today I’m talking about gay with the all the anger and tired “bigot” talk.” Be gone? Fu– you. I was here before you. And as far as someone’s hopes that this guy get “ass raped” everyday, isn’t that what turns you on? So, what turns you on is someone’s punishment? What about being gay are you defending?

  7. Gregory in Seattle says

    If you don’t want to be called a bigot, THEN DON’T ACT LIKE ONE.

    If it swims like a bigot and quacks like a bigot and spews hatred like a bigot, it’s probably not a duck.

  8. will says

    We have to be careful not to jump and call every attack against a guy who happens to be gay a HATE CRIME until this is proved. It diminishes us. We care more about a gay man being assulted than a regular assault. Slashed throat and severed spine in Canada does not automatically spell out hate crime. We’re selfish when we want the crime for ourselves, for our community, to get colletively & politically outraged over.

    WAIT until a hate crime is established before we make gay politics out of it. This is a tragedy no matter the poor guy’s orientation.

  9. daws says

    That’s horrible. I hope the spinal damage is something that can be healed. Stem cells or something.

    WTF is wrong with people?! Like seriously what the hell was going through that guy’s head to cut someone’s throat and stab them in the back? Madness.

  10. Jim says

    A horrible crime and a wonderful life damaged beyond repair. That said, none of the news accounts I’ve read or seen give a single reason why this qualifies as a hate crime other than the fact that the victim is gay. Are there details we’re not getting? It isn’t an anti-gay hate crime just because somebody says it is. There has to be clear evidence of anti-gay motivation.

  11. EchtKultig says

    What the heck has happened to Towleroad? The new trolls don’t even make sense.

    Anyhow, tragic attack, but sorry to say, if you’re openly gay and in a non-gay bar in a very rural part of the US *OR* Canada, and someone who looks out of central casting like a narcissistic psychopath starts aggressively eyeing you up…call a cab to get home. He could well be a closet case, it’s not “10 cent psychology”; although the fact he also is wanted for an assault on a young woman underscores he might be the “3rd kind of homophobe” as I call them. Someone who is just a sociopath and is driven to attack anything he sees as weaker than him.

  12. Jake says

    I think the remarks here are atrocious.

    A young man is paralyzed.

    Show some respect and deference, people.

  13. shanestud says

    Towleroad, due to space limitations is not telling you the whole story. Canadian news reports indicate that the attacker Matheson came up from behind and whispered something in victim Scott Jones’ ear before he stabbed him. What did he say? Did they know each other? Was this a (closeted) jealous lover who saw Jones in the bar with a woman Amy Punke? The police arrested Matheson at his home shortly thereafter. Someone knew who he was.

  14. emjayay says

    EchtKultig (Real/genuine Cult?) Well said. Armchair psychology would indeed seem to suggest that he was at some level perhaps attacking (eliminating) threats to his superiority as a white male by attacking those who should be weaker but are becoming equal.

    Whether it is a genuine hate crime depends on details we don’t know, although a later commenter filled in a bit more.

    In any case, a tragedy that nothing can compensate for, for this guy if his injuries are permanent.

  15. steve says

    interesting how life sometimes mimics horror movies… a group of people are celebrating, having a good time, and drinking…and then some monster attacks. I feel like I’ve heard so many articles when absolutely awful things happen during celebrations…I guess because people lower their guard a bit.

  16. Troy N Houghtaling Sr says

    Scott can come live with me I will take care of him. As for the other scum bag, do to him what he done to Scott. Then lets see what he thanks about stabbing someone. Good luck Scott

  17. Betty Treacle says

    There’s no point in conjecturing until we know all the facts.

    One of my musician friends was good friends with Scott and she woke up on Sunday morning devastated to find out.

    My thoughts go out to them.

  18. Bill Michael says

    If this nut-job stabbed a girl earlier in the day, why was he still out on the street where he could stab and cripple this other man?

  19. Bill Michael says

    One more thing, at this point I don’t think it matters if it were a “hate crime”. What matters is that some idiot ruined the life of this man. My God, WTF?

  20. Palto says

    69X gay guys enjoy being raped just as must as your mother enjoys being raped.

    This POS should be in prison for every year that his victim cannot walk. Any links to help the victim would be much appreciated.

  21. ratbastard says


    Feared for his ‘superiority’ as a white male? Do you smoke crack? It’s comments like yours that make the vast majority of people laugh at ‘progressive’ political correctness.

  22. Rowan says

    Of course Rat. We forgot. The white male is the most persecuted minority in the world, since biblical days to still now!!

  23. johnny says

    That is his facebook page. Looks like a real piece of scum to me, his friends and likes are all very indicative of the sh*thole humanity is turning into. Sad.

    I hope for the best for Scott Jones… this is such a tragedy.

  24. redball says

    Ratbastard needs to read up on white Christian hetero male privilege.

    Also, Rat: NO MINORITIES IN THIS STORY TO BLAME IT ON, huh? You dirty white racist.

  25. DW says

    @Bollox: He didn’t like NOH8, he liked JWoww, whose profile pic, which she could have changed after he liked her, happens to be NOH8. No doubt if he’d noticed he would have unfriended her.

  26. ratbastard says

    I can’t speak for you,Rowan, but I certainly wasn’t raised entitled or privileged, and aren’t now. White males are no worse than anyone else. The history of the human race is drenched in blood. No one comes out of it looking like a saint.

    Are you a white male, Rowan? You should never be embarrassed about being either a male or so-called white. Self hate is pathetic.

  27. ratbastard says


    Where the phuk did I mention ‘race’? You have ‘race’ on the brain. You’ll probably be that way til the day you die. I feel sorry for you.

    And I certainly didn’t defend the ‘white’ guy, Redball. You deserves what’s coming to him. I wish I could say the same for a sizable number of black folks when a black perp gets busted for some sh*t. They will defend black scum and scream ‘racism’ at the drop of a hat. Then when those scum cause mayhem in the ‘black community’, these same people scream that the police don’t care about them and are ‘racist’.

  28. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “They will defend black scum and scream ‘racism’ at the drop of a hat. Then when those scum cause mayhem in the ‘black community’, these same people scream that the police don’t care about them and are ‘racist’.”

    OK, now that’s the raal Ratbastard…on an emotional high. Just like the old “John In Boston”

  29. Jamie says

    Gay is one thing. Stupid and gay is really pathetic.


    Were you looking in the mirror just before you came up with that lil’ gem?

  30. redball says

    Ratbastard, anyone who’s been on Towleroad for as long as I have knows you have made dozens of racist comments, esp. when it is likely or confirmed that a person of color has committed a gay-bashing. Good day, you nasty white racist cracker.

  31. Marc says

    I grew up in New Glasgow. The people there are upset. It makes me sick that it occured and hopefully the county will really against it.