1. Will says

    To be sure, that’s a restaurant in West Hollywood, not Hollywood, It is entirely possible for celebrities to slip in and out of the small venues in that area undetected. He was either followed, or they were tipped off that he was going to be there.

  2. popPOPpop says

    Not “every celebrity”. Many of them quietly court the paparazzi to keep themselves in the rags. If they are allowed to get in his face each time he steps out, he’s allowed to tell them off.

  3. moldy mayonaisse says

    Bodagatha: The pap attempted to ask about Lady Gaga.

    Stupid paps seem to forget that they contributed to the death of Princess Diana.

  4. MaryM says

    Elton JOhn is a collaborator with racists (apartheid regime in South Africa) and homophobes (Russia). I wish he would follow his own advice, the greedy sellout.

  5. ty says

    MARYM- Elton is one of the first openly gay celebs. Please direct your vitriol to John Travolta.

  6. Rowan says

    Oh come guys, are you really that naive? Lol, if we are still not aware that the celebs either call the paps-like Kim K and Britney etc (Brit also gets 50% from pics they take), go to where the paps are going to be-like every celebrity,their management team tips the pap-like just now!

  7. WeHo says

    Elton is a silent partner of that restaurant, and certainly could have entered via the back door.

  8. Alan says

    @WEHO – I’m sure he likes the back door. :-)

    I don’t have people following me, so will never understand what its like, but I don’t understand the vulgar language that comes out of so many celebrities.