1. Mike says

    This just goes to show you that even the flame does not want to be there! Wow bad omen for sure…I just pray that all the athletes are safe. I would not even leave the Village if I was there. Not one penny of my money would be spent in the local economy..

  2. AKSARBENT says

    “Zippo flame starts epic 39,000-mile journey across Russia!” LOL. Seriously, the most fascinating part of this is Putin’s attempt to co-opt Rainbow demonstrations by issuing multi-colored gloves to Russian athletes. The longer WaPo clip of this showed several other people wearing them besides the torch bearer.

  3. unruly says

    @JT, “Has the Olympic Flame ever gone out while on the journey to it’s destination before?” yes. However the torches, designed by the host country, used today are great feats of engineering to prevent this. The US torch last used was pretty creative to prevent it from going out even in rain. The Russian one was obviously not up to snuff (pun intended.)

  4. Joseph says

    That is awesome! May it be the first of many things to go wrong! However they are suppose to have backup flames around to reignite the flame not use someones cigarette lighter.

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