1. Bill says

    The fool sounded like he was repeating what some teacher told him, and that teacher apparently thought that a child being raised by a same-sex couple was at a disadvantage.

    So, besides dumping on him for not knowing better, someone else deserves some of the blame as well.

  2. DannyEastVillage says

    anybody his age and still making such idiotic statements can’t be expected actually to be willing to learn anything. He’s already made his decision.

  3. Adrenan P says

    What they really mean to say is that male homosexuality is abnormal. Female homosexuality is OK because it’s ‘hot’. Lesbian scenes in so-called straight porn are common.

  4. STOP WHINNING! says

    So what exactly did he say that was bad? whatever was said was either told to the teacher by the child or observed? There are alot of children who have these types of homes. Not every child with two mothers means that their lesbians. The father could have remarried. And having two mommies that are lesbian or two daddies that are gay, doesn’t mean every child likes it! Surprise! Children to see physical and drug abuse in the home. Children do see alcoholism and unemployed parents. Stop jumping the gun thinking everything is always anti-gay! Stop being such thin skinned sissies! You all sound like people who have never seen or experienced this so you think it’s some sort or over blown myth. He wasn’t insulting in the slightest. I have seen what he speaks of and much worse, it’s called living in the REAL WORLD!!!!!

  5. Sean Westmann says

    Sounds as though his mind—if it actually functions—stopped learning things before 1950’s-60’s when homosexuality was considered a mental illness, dysfunctional, aberrant behavior. It’s been quite some time since the American Psychiatric Association dropped all those inappropriate labels, but far too many people haven’t learned yet that being gay is NOT an illness, or a choice. Such people (the bigots, not the gays) should never be allowed to hold office or any position of authority until they update their attitudes.

  6. Geoff says

    He may have been born with one brain cell – 70 years ago, but it fell off and rolled under the refrigerator. Now it’s all dusty and dirty…with old cat-hair and dead-insect-parts. Ew. Just “ew”. Typical Repiglicon. It’s Phyllis Schlafly who’s wig blew off in a storm…and 200lbs heavier.

  7. Jenny0 says


    …The Koch Brothers are spending a lot of Troll Dollars on Towleroad. I wonder what they have planned for all of us LGBTs.

    They may not manufacture Zyklon B …but hey sure have a Hell of a lot of Coal.

  8. mike/ says

    i’d LOVE to know who that teacher is! i can tell you, from many years in education as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, ass’t principal, principal, program director, s/he is not a very good teacher just by the things s/he said, if Baxley didn’t make it all up.
    at the very least s/he is not very dedicated.

    yes, there are those things to take into consideration, but i can tell you that the same-sex parents i dealt with were BOTH there for their children. there was no abuse nor neglect – just the opposite. AND those kids were all very happy because they knew they were loved.

    i can’t say that for the other scenarios s/he points out. the kids weren’t happy; they were so worried about not being loved, the next whipping, the next alcohol-filled rant, they had trouble focusing.

    i made a great effort to let these kids know that when they were with me, in this classroom, ‘you are safe. i will not let anything happen to you here.’ i had more than one parent conference where a parent (never same-sex) turned around & hit their kid for something as petty as a ‘C’ on the report card. i stopped them, then and there, telling them i would call DCFS immediately.

    there is a difference between having a child out of love because you want them and having a child because you can screw irresponsibly…

  9. says

    For those of you wishing ill will on this man, what would you do without him? Who would you disparage? Just like the social conservatives, your counterparts on the Right, you need someone to hate. Be honest with yourselves, he’s exactly what you need.

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