1. Adrenan P says

    Yawn – what a disgusting media wh0re Lady Gaga has turned into. Worse than Miley.

    Note how she went from pandering to gay guys at GAY nightclub to pandering to straight guys on X Factor. She ditched the gay male aesthetic pretty quickly, didn’t she? In fact, note how she’s ditched the hunks in her stage acts. Can’t afford to appeal to us gay guys, can she?

    Oh, and I’m still waiting for the morally selective Andy Towle to criticize Ms. Gaga for collaboratimg with homophobe TI.

  2. Adrenan P says

    Somebody made a really interesting comment about Lady Gaga on another gay web site recently:

    ‘She appeals to sleazy straight guys by using gay men as a cover’.

    Perfectly describes this phony woman….

  3. Tyler says

    Adrenan P is actually Rick, and is therefore a troll. Notice he’s already posted two comments in this thread lambasting Lady Gaga for her gender and the demographics she appeals to. He’s desperate for attention. Notice he called her a homophobe and implied she’s just manipulating male gays. One of Rick’s go-to points is that women are homophobic and that liberal gay men are suckers for them. And you know that quote he found on another site is probably one he posted himself (under some other usernames I’m sure). My point is that we should be ignoring obvious trolls like Adrenan P. If you see his name or see comments featuring similar absurd language that is seen in the two above, know it’s just a troll and to ignore them.

  4. UFFDA says

    So far the commenters are absolutely laughable. This was fun and G is a real talent with both the imagination to prove it and the pipes to bring it off. I watch her with admiration.

  5. UFFDA says

    So far the commenters are absolutely laughable. This was fun and G is a real talent with both the imagination to prove it and the pipes to bring it off. I watch her with admiration.

  6. Adrenan P says

    Lady Gaga is a fake who uses gay men as stepping stones. Andy Towle has done a disservice to his readers by failing to criticize her duet with a homophobe.

  7. Donny says

    She has talent but as a performance artist there is no cohesion or theme. She’s talked about ARTPOP forever and I expected an expertly marketed product. Instead she moves from one abstract idea to another and none of it makes any sense in context. She’s moving too fast to put the proper amount of thought and execution into each piece. It’s all a little too sloppy and I’m finding myself bored.

  8. says

    i am absolutely in love with lady gaga…she is my favorite artist right now but i have to agree with donny a bit: she needs to focus her live performances. they’re kind of all over the place without much of a transition between one number and the next. she has the potential for fantastic shows, though. and her live performances are still better than most of the pop stars out today.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    You know, TYLER, I thought the same thing about this ADRENAN P. I thought it was RICK/DAVID HAGATHA HEARNE posting under a new name. I would love to know what is the F>CKING reason for changing your F>CKING posting name every 3 or 4 weeks. There must be a reason other than just plain insanity.

  10. Adrenan P says

    Speaking of gas, I have issues controlling my flatulence after years of taking huge, anonymous cocks as a way to momentarily forget how pathetic my life is.

  11. Brion says

    Unlistenable. There is no music here. This is a jumble of words that have absolutely no power. This is not art. Or even pop.

    And I see she plays guitar as well as Madonna doesn’t.

    Please stop.

  12. Chickletts says

    I loved it! And what popstar isnt on stage saying “look at me!”? Madonna does it too, honey. Personally i dont want to see a frump on stage. I want glitter and drama…but thats just me.

  13. EricD. says

    I like Gaga, I think that she has a nice singing voice, but I agree that she’s putting out too much stuff, too fast. I think that she could use a bit more modesty. Madonna didn’t have the best voice to work with, but she’s a brilliant entertainer. I think that people getting the impression that she’s trying too hard is very apt, I think that she earnestly want’s to be told that she has taken the crown from Madonna, and that’s really not even in the cards when you are simply copying someone else’s body of work.

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