1. TNardi says

    Forgive me if I’m being ignorant here, but what, exactly, is the point of picketing the lead sponsor of the bill? Presumably he’s already on board with it?

    Also, “Gay Liberation Network” is the worst name for such an organization.

  2. Greg says

    It really does not seem that Harris has been an effective leader – How is it that he has made zero headway since the spring? Truly embarrassing.

  3. Francis #1 says

    If legislators don’t want to vote for it, they’re not going to vote for it. Obviously, the reasons they didn’t want to before are holding true now. It’s unfortunate but it’s becoming pretty obvious that it’s litigation that will have to become the focus in Illinois, in bringing marriage equality to the state.

  4. ed adams says

    since it looks like it’s going to be the courts that decide this, all the more reason to force a vote and get the anti-gay dems on record for future primary challenges.

  5. Malcolm says

    There are more people to blame than Harris. The gay community and activists seem to be a large part of the problem too.

  6. Fox says

    I would think that in a civil union state, like Illinois, the way to go now is through the courts, just like they did in New Jersey, with the post-DOMA argument that separate is clearly not equal.

  7. Perry says

    It speaks volumes about the Democratic party in the state that they have a super majority in the legislature and can’t pass same sex marriage (or deal with their pension crisis).

  8. woody says

    They’ll vote in January, and we’ll win.
    I’d be frustrated too, but it’s only 3 months more.
    Soon, NOM/Bishop Paprocki/Cardinal George/et al, you will lose.

  9. Kevin says

    Get them on the record.
    If they want to be bigots,let them do it like they did in RI and NY and let the voters decide if they should stay.

  10. stevetalbert says

    They are milking the rubes for cash. Harris is having a fund raiser this week. You know. Just one more term and we’re almost there. For those out of state, they don’t want to have a vote until AFTER the filing deadline for the next primary. Which means not this year. Too much push back from Catholic Church and Black Pastors. Sadly there are no leaders in government. Just bad employees with sense of entitlement. What’s worse is the family dynasty problem. Too many legacy Dems..and yes that includes Deb Mell.

  11. stevetalbert says

    FYI. . The US has 3 EQUAL branches of government. Civil rights should be decided by the courts.

  12. Perry says

    There are bad leaders because of the voters (who keep voting for the same boobs: out of touch social conservatives and big spendign liberals). They didn’t just magically show up in office.

  13. LincolnLounger says

    This is so embarrassing. A perfect illustration as to the problem in Illinois. Nobody is singing off the same sheet. No unified strategy, and too many seeking “credit” and casting blame.

    The Democrat supermajorities will do nothing in veto session. I think only the courts can make something happen in Illinois.