1. TowsonMdGuy says

    It’s good to have awareness but he may need to fine tune the delivery of the message. You only have 15 seconds or so to keep someone’s attention and some folks laughed or looked confused. It is a lot to manage, so maybe he will get a helper.

  2. Marc says

    Love how the queens immediately want to put it in there ass and take it as a joke. Hence the problem.

  3. Adam says

    Can these HIV queens just go away? If they weren’t making poor choices in life, they wouldn’t be getting STD’s. How about they stop using Grindr and having sex with total strangers in dark places?

    Stop sullying male homosexuality with your poor choices in life, HIV queens.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    What problem Marc? Young people NEVER EVER listen to their elders about anything. Maybe the problem is the fact that young Gay men don’t listen. Decades DECADES of effort and different approaches have been tried to get Gay men to just slow down and think about an STD the might be exposed to. And you know what the response is, “Don’t tell me how to live Old Man.”

  5. AngelaChanning says

    Although the meningitis scare in NYC has been reduced substantially, some of the outbreak was traced to online hookups. The scary thing there was one could play safely and still transmit the infection. NYC Health officials are still recommending the vaccine for those at higher risk.

  6. GB says

    Yes, P-town was part of it too. The Boatslip and the bars. Streets full of gays. Parties where half the guys were nude. My boyfriend who drove me down in a 1930s coupe, was one of the bigger ones.
    Not today’s P-town. I thumbed home and made it all the way to Cambridge.

  7. Denial says

    ADAM: “Sullying homosexuality??” Give me a call the next time someone sticks something up your ass. Sorry Princess, you are gay and everything it implies. Lysol will not disinfect your life. Bad karma will be drawn to you.

  8. Buckie says

    Denial, not all gay men fit the stereotype you seem to think is representative.

    I think that you’re in denial.

    Denial that we are much more diverse than just the little crowds of horny drugged out sissies that congregate in the usual places.

    I get that the little high visibility cliques think that there’s nothing else, because the people in them took the really easy route, and didn’t really make an effort to look beyond the shallow. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the majority or are representative in any way.

    So grindr away; the rest of us consider you anachronisms, hell bent on thinning your own little herd. Have at it. Hurry up and die already.

  9. bendskier says

    Great idea!

    It is scary the amount of people advertising for unsafe sex on mobile apps.

    Ignorance is not bliss.

  10. Hagatha says

    Responsible men could make these apps and internet hook-up sites unusable simply by flooding them with fake profiles, fake responses, and no shows for meet-ups.

  11. brandong says

    I lucked out. Last month, I thought I caught a STD from a guy a BB’d after meeting online (stupid of me) Fortunately it turned out to be a urinary tract infection. Lesson learned will def be using condoms from here on out.

  12. Robert says

    “Responsible men could make these apps and internet hook-up sites unusable simply by flooding them with fake profiles, fake responses, and no shows for meet-ups.”

    Uh, you realize the TYPICAL Grindr guy already does that sort of thing, right?

  13. Denial says

    Buckie: You’re just as much a sissy as any gay. If you’re wishing death on people, please include yourself. I’ve never heard of grindr, but I’d pass on the crosswalks if I were you.

  14. birch says

    Suggested read, Mattild’a WHY ARE FAGGOTS SO AFRAID OF FAGGOTS?: Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform