1. AJ says

    That was absolutely stunning. She puts her heart and soul into every single performance. I absolutely love her acoustic performances. I would kill for her to put out a stripped-down record that was entirely like this. That voice just gives me chills!

  2. hugo says

    I feel like her entire career has been heading towards her staring as herself in “GAGA the musical”. Which will be a perfect vehicle for all the show tune songs she writes like the one above.

  3. johnny says

    Like her or not, you have to admit that she WRITES her own material, she can PLAY an instrument and she can SING.

    How many other pop stars can you say this about?

    I’m not that big a fan, but to me, that’s a true musician, when they write, play and sing. Most pop stars are standing in front of a mic and doing vocal acrobatics, not playing any instrument and they never write their own songs.

  4. Matt27 says

    @Johnny, once again, it is excellent someone is able to compose, play and sing, BUT it is also artisticly high to be able to do one of them. Examples: A classic composer shouldn’t have written his notes down, because he can’t play or sing? An excellent player shouldn’t play music, because ha cannot compose? An excellent singer shouldn’t sing because unable to compose?
    By the way, it has been a rumor, if Streisand will star and perhaps direct Gypsy, Gaga would act in it, BUT just a rumor.

  5. dommyluc says

    Please ga-ga-ga-go away.
    When is “South Park” going to go after her like they did to Jennifer Lopez? Please let it happen before I die. Also, a 12 round death match between Gaga and Grace Jones. I don’t have to tell you who I would be rooting for.

  6. Alex N says

    I keep wanting to be satiated by the intrigue, but when I watch most of her performances I see such a contrived mess. She is not singing well in this. Anyone who thinks she is must be tone deaf, and the song goes absolutely nowhere. I found it quite painful in its self-indulgence. I do like the production on the song snippets she has released so far, but again, as soon as she starts singing I am turned off almost instantly. I really think she should have stuck to being a writer and producer. She just ins’t a good performer.

  7. Bryan says

    @Alex N: You actually sound like you’re tone deaf yourself, because I actually DO think she’s singing well, and I’m not tone deaf thank you very much. Sorry, you just sound like the typical Madonna-esque fan, which by default seems to be a Gaga hater these days. And she’s a very good performer actually. Probably 2nd only to Beyonce in this current generation.

  8. emjayay says

    I don’t have any of her music. But she’s really good. She does interesting stuff.

    I seriously don’t get all the mindless negativity on this and every other post these days at this otherwise awesome site.

    For absolutely mindless pop singing of pointless songs, and meaningless costumes and theatrics, try Katy Perry. For all that except intelligent and expressing actual feelings and ideas, Ms Germanotta of Queens.

    Jayfro is exactly right.

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