1. Moz's says


    its phoenix, Jean Gray’s daughter with the help of Kitty Pride who is supposed to travel backwards in time to prevent the rise of the sentinels…. not wolverine

    Was looking foreword to this 1 but now Leary of how much they will diverge from cannon

  2. Mikey says

    This looks tremendous. I just hope (I’m about to fanboy) that they do something to redeem Rogue after X3.

    God damn you, Brett Ratner!

  3. Bernard says

    I sometimes dont understand y people think that these movies are supposed to follow the comics, i mean they are separate stories. I mean there is also one story where Xavier’s son goes back in time to stop Magneto. They’re are movies using the comics not following it word for word

  4. Moz's says


    worrying about adhering somewhat to cannon is because the cannonical story is a great story as vs lets glorify wolverine some more

    the utter desolation of a world overtaken by the sentinels, the concentration camps for mutants (which didn’t seem to appear in this clip)harkeinging to reality nazi concentration camps, jean gray and scott’s daughter being turned into a hound to hunt down other mutants and them either being killed on the spot or dragged off to camps, the x-men all dieing against sentinels in a last bit gambit to get kitty pride and rachel grey into the nimrod lab and sending rachel back in time to prevent the rise of the sentinels

    the angst over rachel dealing with a world wher her mother is dead before she can ever be born thus a paradox….rachels angst over her past of being a hound and hunting down fellow mutants

    etc etc

    what the clip shows is lets highlight abglorify wolverine thus dumming down the more complex issues and great story that was/ is the canonical days of future past

    and Bishop being shown in the clip being from an entirely different time line from days of future past

    & LOL on this long post, i’m obviously a fanboi

  5. Vince says

    Bernard: Yes and no. There a tons of alternative timelines in the Marvel Universe. For example, the one where Legion kills Xavier accidentally instead of Magneto is called The Age of Apocalypse. There is one called Days of Future Past, like this movie is called, but as MOZ mentioned above this storyline deviates RADICALLY & HEAVILY from that. There have been deviations of DoFP before but all of those storylines have had different names (ex. “Days of Future Past Perfect”.)

  6. Oliver says

    I would prefer Kitty to time travel, but again the main storyline was given to a male lead, Wolverine. The movie doesn’t have to follow the comic verbatim, but I’m tired of Wolverine.

  7. johnnyP says

    These movies need to quit focusing on Wolverine and start putting others in the spotlight. Ellen Page/Kitty could easily have handled a starring role in this. Marvel hangs all their $ on Wolvie and I’m getting kind of tired of him (i love Hugh Jackman and the character, but c’mon… move on).

  8. MickyFlip says

    So this is based on the X-Men story of the same name “Days of Future Past”? I wonder what changed Bryan Singer’s mind in getting involved. I’m actually surprised he decided to go back to this certain universe considering the backlash when he signed up with Warner Bros. for the Superman remake.

  9. says

    SQUEEE! I can’t wait for this to come out in theaters. Barring unforeseen tragedy, I’ll be there at midnight for the opening.