Maggie Gallagher Rips Idea of GOP ‘Truce’ on Social Issues Like LGBT Rights: AUDIO


NOM founder Maggie Gallagher is alarmed over the idea that the GOP might be considering a "truce" on social issues like abortion and LGBT rights and spoke with radio host Steve Deace about it on Wednesday night, Right Wing Watch reports.

Said Gallagher: "The truce strategy is the stupidest of all possible strategies…The money right now in the Republican party is being conditioned on adopting a suicidal political strategy."

Listen, below:


  1. Francis #1 says

    Darrell Issa went to a Log Cabin event a few days ago (although he also did say he has regularly gone in the past). Anyway, there’s at least some Republicans who clearly are trying to move the party more to the center in general, become a center-right party. I hope they fail because I like seeing the Republicans completely broken.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    Surely, I’m not the only one who looks at Mrs. Srivastav and thinks immediately of Dolores Umbridge.

    And why does a self-proclaimed champion of marriage not use her married name?

  3. Mark Austin says

    Keep on talking, crazy-face. The more you spew, the more real Americans realize hate is ugly and wrong.

    Gallagher, Westboro, and those like her have done wonders for gay rights and human rights. We should give them larger stages, louder microphones, and more time.

  4. Michael says

    So it’s OK to try to ban two people from entering into a legal commitment, one that yourself blew off when you had some bastard child.

    btw, when did gluttony not become a deadly sin?

  5. Clam says

    Imagine when this lonely dumpling lays down in her steel reinforced bed at night. Cries herself to sleep, farts in the middle of the night, wakes up and eats a gallon of butter pecan on her “dinner for one” dining table. Hate and food have done a number on her social and physical life…

  6. e.c. says

    Maggie’s worried about the money all right, the money she loses if she can’t keep stoking the far-right homo-hatred. If the GOP tried to move center her gravy train might dry up (literally and figuratively).

  7. nick says

    The Buffet Beauty once again commenting on something she is an expert at addressing-committed relationships. Keep spewing out the bile from the sewer that is your brain Mags-
    you are your own worst spokesperson.

  8. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Clam – Actually, she is married and has been since 1993: her husband is Raman Srivastava. The name is Hindu, but the very, very few photos of him show him wearing a Sikh turban. A dark skinned non-Christian foreigner… given the bigotry of her social and professional circles, is it any surprise that Mrs. Srivastava uses her maiden name and never, EVER brings her husband to any of her events or photo ops?

  9. Steve says

    Though from what I can read between the lines it’s not a happy marriage. They were separated before and I have the feeling that the only reason they aren’t divorced is her Catholic fundamentalism.

  10. jamal49 says

    Francis #1 Get real. Who gives a rat’s wazoo that Darrell Issa went to a meeting Log Cabinettes? Sorry, hon, but the days of giving any Republican any credit for any kind of “outreach” to LGBT people are waaaaaay over. Darrell Issa is so right-wing extremist and so detrimental to the American body politic that anybody, and that includes those pathetic Log Cabinettes, who would even consider that nasty, vile, petty Republican reprobate as a potential ally should be viewed only as delusional and a traitor to the righteous cause of LGBT civil rights and equality.

  11. says

    I wonder what it is like to be so unhappy. Everything about her life- the illegitimate child who as an adult is a Broadway musical writer, the green card husband who has lived away from her for years at a time, her weight and health issues (she is diabetic)- this is not the life she dreamed of. So in retaliation she is going to make as many other people as miserable as she can. But now even that isn’t working.

  12. dam846201 says

    From what firm did Ms Moon-Face order her husband? Did he marry her for a green card? Doesn’t she have a son who is gay? Which “God” does she worship who tells her to h8 every one who is not obese, small-minded, & hypocritical as she is? Go back to your village, Mags, they need their idiot back!!!

  13. Mary says

    Jamal, you may not especially love the Log Cabin Republicans, but I’m sure you’d rather that a Republican belong to this group than some homophobic outfit. To go from being a political homophobe to being a Log Cabiner would be going from harmful to at least mildly helpful from the viewpoint of LGBT activism. At least that’s how it looks to me.

  14. Mary says

    A Towleroader recently pointed out the amusing fact that Maggie has now been quoted using the term “marriage equality” as a synonym for “same sex marriage.” Was this a Freudian slip on her part? It may be a sign that she knows total defeat is near.

    Another question: how many social conservatives secretly want to give up the fight against equality not due to practical considerations but because they’re simply switching sides and becoming pro-gay? It would be hard to know because at the level of the rank and file such people would have to be….ironically!…..closeted in their newfound views. But the number of such people may be growing significantly. I would forgive gays for saying that this need to hide one’s views is what we deserved for the years we overlooked or minimized the injustices gay people suffered.

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