1. MIke says

    I thought Aikman had three daughters, who all must be high-school age now. How can gays ask to be respected when he we are implying in an article about a jerk calling him “a Queer” that yeah, he is. Really, he is. Doesn’t matter what he says. He is. We know.

  2. TANK says

    Okay, I know some of you pathetic, middle-aged queens around here aren’t going to like this, but Tank is going to try to keep it real. Everyone on earth knows about Miss Aikman’s long and unsuccessful battle to keep up a facade of straightness. The guy should be condemned for using a slur but Troy should be condemned also for being so dishonest and for having done nothing in his entire life for the benefit of the LGBQT community.

  3. derp says


    It’s people like you guys who turn off the younger generation of gays with your TOTAL GENERALIZATIONS, use of the word queen (ugh so 70s or w/e), stupid old closet gay gossip, and complete misunderstanding of context.


    Grow up.

  4. JWL says

    Whether Aikman is gay or not is in noway the point. It would not have been acceptable for him to call Aikman a queer if he actually were gay. Makes no difference either way.

  5. The Milkman says

    Interesting example of how anti-gay animus is becoming increasingly socially unacceptable.

    And I’m not sure how ageism came into the discussion, but at 43 I’m a better person now that I ever was. So many of my friends didn’t make it through their 30s, let alone their 40s. I’m happy to be here, “middle-aged” or no.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Was calling black people sambos EVER funny?”

    Yeah, Dan, for over one hundred years–in Minstel shows and for a brief time in Hollywood.

    I’m surprised Manley used the term “queer”. That’s not in any Black vernacular I know of–unless you grow up in the suburbs, I guess.

    Manley’s probably a Herman Caine Republican which equals stupid.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    I agree with @JWL – the point here has nothing to do with whether or not Aikman is gay or not it has to do with using hate speech to slur another player. WTOP is right to ban Manley from ever appearing on their show(s) again. His statement is unacceptable.

  8. Rick says

    “But what IS the deal with Aikman? ”

    Probably the same “deal” as with other masculine gay men in the social mainstream–they don’t come out because they don’t care to associate themselves with the culture of effeminacy and left-wing mindset that has come to define “LGBT”

    “May I ask why is it that you had so many friends not make it past their 30s?”

    Is that so unusual, given the amount of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, STDs, etc. that plague gay men….not to mention losing your social currency (i.e. youthful physical attractiveness) around age 40 and becoming a social non-entity

    “Has this idiot ever heard of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King or Mildred Loving? Did they fight for the right of this man to be a troglodyte?”

    So hilarious how gay white liberals continue to delude themselves into believeing that blacks as a group ever have or ever will buy into the notion that there is an analogy between gay issues and black issues. They don’t and are not ever going to and therefore, as a group, feel little empathy for you.

  9. Rick says

    Masculine gay men like myself have nothing to prove to you liberal effeminates because we don’t feel the need to be out and proud. We’re far more comfortable in our closets. At least we mitigate the embarrassment we bring to our families by doing so

    For that same reason we visibly hate people of color, like the Blacks. Gay issues and black issues will never be seen as equal. All straight, black people see the farce that is the effeminate gay existence. And by all, I mean the ones that I know (none). I don’t have to prove anything to you people because I have nothing to prove. It’s all just generalizations I post on the internet as a way to give me something to do besides contemplating suicide.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “They don’t and are not ever going to and therefore, as a group, feel little empathy for you.”

    Obviously, neither do you. LOL

    But you’re on a roll today. We’ll read about the “culture of effeminacy” on every news story Andy posts today. Maybe that lil’ baby crying over her mother’s singing is suffering from the “culture of effeminacy”.

  11. Kelly says

    Rick is trying to justify why Rick is still in the closet sleeping with other closet cases, calling other Gay men slurs, changing pronouns to fool his coworkers, etc.

  12. Francis #1 says

    Anti-gay animus becoming unacceptable? That would mean fewer people making blatant anti-gay comments. Yes, they’re now forced into apologizes and backtracking on their bigoted comments, but at the end of the day, there’s a homophobic comment from some athlete or former athlete every couple days and that’s a sign that homophobia is actually very much still alive.

    As for this idiot Manley…he crossed the line completely. Good on WTOP for banning him immediately. Let’s see what happens with him going forward.

  13. Rick says

    So much for the acceptance of a diversity of views amongst the so-called GLBT community. If a person fails to tow the correct political line, they are called names and insulted personally. Well, this queen is more than happy to stay in the closet and not to have to deal with the likes of you all! I can prance around in my own home dressed like Liza Minelli and not have to worry about the opinion of anyone but me and my cat, Feathers. I question if I’ll be commenting here in the future if this is the kind of response my thoughtful words draw from teh local crowd of bitter and cynical “gay” folks.

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