1. MaryM says

    Miley Cyrus’s reaction to Sinead O’Connor’s quite reasonable open letter to her, indicates that Cyrus is a truly disgusting human being.

    Making a mockery of someone for an illness is as bad as mocking someone for being gay.

    Cyrus is vile.

  2. Markt says

    I enjoyed this version. I think the song can be categorized as progay. I like that she has instigated a discussion about what is appropriate fare in relation to publicly sexualized performances. At least she’s not claiming it was wardrobe failure or such bull. She just basically came out nude in an upfront way. I think the performance was inappropriate but maybe I’m wrong. I’d like to hear more discussion.

  3. alex says

    @Adrenan P: In 2010, she expressed support for gay marriage. This was when she was still working for Disney, so her statement was viewed as inappropriate by some parents (the narrow-minded, homophobic ones).

    A year later, she got a tiny tattoo of an equal sign and tweeted, “All LOVE is equal”. When a follower responded with an anti-gay and religious sentiment, she countered by noting that the bible says only God can judge.

    Feel free to hate Miley for her antics or public persona. You can also say she can’t sing (even though this a capella performance proves she can). But, implying that Miley has done nothing for the LGB community is factually wrong.

    She is a strong ally.

  4. johnosahon says


    What did you expect would happen? If someone compares you to prostitute (whether true or not), would you go into defense mood or say “geeh thank you” ?

  5. Markt says

    I think the lyrics are “we can love who we want.” I think that’s pro-gay. Also, she shouts out to her friend at one point because she is “dancing like she’s in a straight club.” I think that means she likes gay clubs. Why can’t these sentiments be deemed pro-gay?

  6. steve says

    I like her well enough…as well as the song…but the song does come from such a stereotypical southern california perspective…this song is very LA. It would be nice to see her step outside the LA bubble with her music, lyrics, etc.

  7. says

    She has been very outspoken about gay rights as well as calling out anti-gay companies like Target and Urban Outfitters. Do some research and maybe you wouldn’t have to ask tiresome questions.

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