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'Glee' Releases Preview for Cory Monteith 'Farewell to Finn' Episode: VIDEO


Lea Michele, Cory Monteith's real-life "Girlfriend" sings the Adele track "Make You Feel My Love" in a preview of Glee's "Farewell to Finn" episode to air next Thursday.

GleeSaid Murphy: "I locked [the episode] today. It was incredibly difficult to work on. It was very difficult to shoot. I mean, the interesting thing about that show is that those actors and the creators really, really loved Cory. The episode is called 'The Quarterback,' and you know Cory really was that, to that group of people and to me particularly. There was nobody on that crew that did not like Cory."

Watch the preview, AFTER THE JUMP...

The coroner's official report on Monteith was released this week:

The British Columbia Coroners Service said Wednesday investigators found a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle in the hotel room where Glee actor Cory Monteith was found dead in July. The coroner's final report issued Wednesday, confirmed initial findings that Monteith died from using intravenous heroin combined with alcohol. The 31-year-old Canadian-born actor was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room July 13.

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  1. Why is "Girlfriend" in quotation marks? Is there something you feel like insinuating? Also, it's a Bob Dylan track, Adele merely did a cover version.

    Posted by: CCGuy | Oct 4, 2013 8:15:52 AM

  2. @ccguy. There have long been some fairly well sourced rumors that their relationship was a publicists creation that would have lasted through the end of Glee.

    Posted by: Chris | Oct 4, 2013 8:46:47 AM

  3. Wow, the actors really really loved him and the crew really really did to. I'd have to admit a tribute show where no one really liked the person and the crew really really hated them would be must-see TV for me.

    Posted by: MIke | Oct 4, 2013 9:36:22 AM

  4. GOD! You skeptical bitches make me sick.

    Posted by: Bobby | Oct 4, 2013 10:30:28 AM

  5. You guys really take your publicity relationships seriously. They seem like nice kids, but they were vacationing in separate countries when he died...doesnt sound like a super-close relationship. Its done every day in Hollywood. Not a big deal. How many heroin addicts do you know who have close normal relationships?

    Posted by: Frank | Oct 4, 2013 11:03:21 AM

  6. I'm still not clear on this: Why are grown men watching a show created for tween girls?

    Posted by: Hagatha | Oct 4, 2013 11:39:07 AM

  7. How to exploit someone's death for ratings. Pathetic. Murphy takes a tragedy and dips it in queer melodrama.

    Posted by: OP | Oct 4, 2013 11:46:53 AM

  8. "I'm still not clear on this: Why are grown men watching a show created for tween girls?"

    We're gay nitwit, it's what we do :)

    Posted by: DC Insider | Oct 4, 2013 11:47:21 AM

  9. I admit it; I am a sap. I'll watch this with a box of kleenex on my lap.

    Posted by: John P. | Oct 4, 2013 12:14:05 PM

  10. What mean comments. I'm glad I'm not that bitter.
    Not yet, anyway!

    Posted by: Matt | Oct 4, 2013 12:29:02 PM

  11. Shut up , Danny

    Posted by: Hagatha | Oct 4, 2013 1:12:36 PM

  12. Matt - Wait.

    Posted by: Hagatha | Oct 4, 2013 1:13:04 PM

  13. Would everyone please disregard the earlier comments I made? I forgot to take my meds this morning when I first got up and so I was being catty and vicious which is totally out of character for me. Ask my Mom!

    Posted by: HAGATHA | Oct 4, 2013 1:33:10 PM

  14. Hey Matt, the trolls are this site are the most bitter of all...

    Stay happy, give credit where it's due. That's all you have to do to avoid it.

    Now, Hagatha... oh, I've said enough...

    Posted by: lewlew | Oct 4, 2013 2:15:54 PM

  15. OMG I can't wait to see that episode. I'll be sobbing like a baby for sure!!!

    Posted by: dumbnhung | Oct 4, 2013 2:49:31 PM

  16. OMG I can't wait to see that episode. I'll be sobbing like a baby for sure!!!

    Posted by: dumbnhung | Oct 4, 2013 2:49:34 PM

  17. I was getting sad just watching that clip.

    Posted by: jarago | Oct 4, 2013 5:19:54 PM

  18. I hope they buried his tweezers with him.

    Posted by: Hagatha | Oct 4, 2013 8:48:16 PM

  19. After Kurt said yes to Blaine, I was crying tears of joy and now I will be crying tears of sadness. R.I.P. Cory.

    Posted by: paul | Oct 5, 2013 2:14:14 AM

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