1. CCGuy says

    Why is “Girlfriend” in quotation marks? Is there something you feel like insinuating? Also, it’s a Bob Dylan track, Adele merely did a cover version.

  2. Chris says

    @ccguy. There have long been some fairly well sourced rumors that their relationship was a publicists creation that would have lasted through the end of Glee.

  3. MIke says

    Wow, the actors really really loved him and the crew really really did to. I’d have to admit a tribute show where no one really liked the person and the crew really really hated them would be must-see TV for me.

  4. Frank says

    You guys really take your publicity relationships seriously. They seem like nice kids, but they were vacationing in separate countries when he died…doesnt sound like a super-close relationship. Its done every day in Hollywood. Not a big deal. How many heroin addicts do you know who have close normal relationships?

  5. HAGATHA says

    Would everyone please disregard the earlier comments I made? I forgot to take my meds this morning when I first got up and so I was being catty and vicious which is totally out of character for me. Ask my Mom!

  6. lewlew says

    Hey Matt, the trolls are this site are the most bitter of all…

    Stay happy, give credit where it’s due. That’s all you have to do to avoid it.

    Now, Hagatha… oh, I’ve said enough…

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