1. KT84 says

    I’m sure the Victory Fund is already working on the press release annoucing their endorsement.

  2. Bob R says

    I don’t live in New Hampshire, but if I did and I was living in his district I would still NEVER vote for him regardless of his sexual orientation. He’s a Quisling. I find Republicans to be loathsome creatures and I have developed a very deep visceral hatred for them. I didn’t always feel this way, but since Reagan I have and I see little hope my feelings toward these evil people will improve.

  3. woodroad34d says

    The smoke screen here is his title: Dean of business. I no longer think of Republicans as fiscal guardians–in the last 30 years they’ve proven they can’t handle that kind of responsibility — as Bob R mentioned, since Reagan. And as with anything that comes from Devil Worship (in this case Reagan) it all gets destroyed. All is short-term with huge risks and big recessions afterwards. There isn’t any long-term growth for the average American without them losing everything once the crash-and-burn Republicans leave — as Bush said, “I’ll leave it to the next administration to clean up” If you want to have any money when you retire– go with Democrats.

  4. EdA says

    A gay Republiscum is still a Republiscum, and this person, who presumably gets health care from UNH for himself and his family, makes a point of his enthusiasm for depriving millions of gay and straight Americans, not as lucky as him, of access to decent health care.

    There are already more than enough moral degenerates in Congress. Adding one who is openly gay is certainly nothing to be supported.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    There was a time when the LGBT community would get behind any gay candidate regardless of their views. Fortunately, that era is long gone; as some of these comments prove. LGBT people are no longer a one-issue minority. That is a good thing.

  6. walter says

    this had better one candidate the victory fund and hrc runs away from not walks. this country doesn’t need another tea bagger gay or not.

  7. says

    Rather than being an independent who is fiscally conservative, he aligns himself with the party that avows to make him, his gay brothers and sisters second-class citizens. The party that declares gays as abominations and that gay families are destructive to society. The party that insists on criminalizing gays for simply loving one another.

    On the other hand, what are Carol-Shea Porter’s positions on gay rights ?

  8. ian says


    Exactly right. I’d take a generic democrat over a gay republican any day based on the each party’s platform and record. I would of course verify the dem candidates positions; trust and verify, as it were, but I’m going to assume he endorses the dem party platform since, you know, he’s running as a democrat.

  9. Zack says

    Sorry,as long as the Republican Party has banning gay marriage as part of their platform,I will NOT vote for them,simple as that.

  10. Patric says

    Alex, to answer your question, Carol Shea-Porter is a great ally of our community and, if this jerk somehow gets the Repug nomination, I hope she crushes him.

  11. Kirk says

    A clarification. This guy’s not running against the Democratic incumbent, at least not yet. He’s running in the primary against a much better-funded and much more well-known candidate, former U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta, who’s trying to reclaim his seat against Shea-Porter. This guy’s not likely to get much interest or support, so I wouldn’t make too much of this. It’s most likely just a trial run to start getting his name out there in Republican political circles.

  12. Lee says

    Lot of pissy queens here who can’t accept the fact not all gays are sheep like them and will not be bullied into buying into their pie in the sky liberal bull crap!

  13. says

    My dad is a corporate CFO and a Conservative, which is the Canadian equivalent of the Republicans. So I know these people. Heck, I am one of these people.

    You may not agree with everything they stand for, but at least they can control the borders. We don’t need an invasion from el barrio del sur!

  14. says

    Lee, Go watch videos of state assemblies debating when they vote on your rights. Hear and see what they have to say about you. You aren’t deaf nor blind. Most videos are accessible on YouTube. There are nothing to “believe“ but the exact words that came out of their mouths.

  15. EdA says

    Sorry, Lee, you may be happy ingesting contaminated food and water, breathing poisoned air, and not being able to get medical treatment, but many other people do not.

    You may not mind being able to find or keep a job because of your sexual orientation, but many other people do.

    You may not mind getting swindled by banks or investment companies (although money and guns seem to be the only things that gay Republiscum seem to care about), but many other people do.

    I can go on, but I don’t think I have to. Of course, it may be that you’re independently wealthy and don’t have anybody meaningful in your life, so none of these issues, nor a great many more, mean anything to you. The fact that Prof. Innis can talk about his husband owes considerably less than nothing to the Granite State Republican Party, which fiercely opposed both marriage AND civil unions, says a lot about his moral values.

    But those of us who happen to believe that all men are created equal and that the Constitution of the United States was established to create a more perfect union, to promote the general welfare, to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity are hardly being pissy in castigating someone who voluntarily chooses to associate himself with psychopaths and sociopaths.

  16. Jake says

    He’s right. Government mandated insurance is just a hand-out to a huge industry that has done nothing but jack-up the cost of health care and corrupt medicine.

    People need to open their damn eyes. Look at all the new drugs that have come out, pushed by a corrupt medical-pharmaceutical industry and FDA that have maimed and killed thousands upon thousands of people. Look at the rampant fraud in medical science, the escalating cost of a system that obfuscates drugs just as soon as the patents run out and they become generics. A system that constantly pushes new, expensive, unproven, dangerous drugs and treatments at the expense of proven inexpensive treatments…

    Both parties have been screwing us over for decades now, they all need to be dragged into the streets and hanged for what they’ve done to the health of all Americans !

  17. Jack says

    Glad I read the comments to finally see there were some other conservative LGBT people out there, actually looking past one (albeit large) issue into many other political issues that dominate daily life.

    I hope one day we can vote on the issues individually, not be forced to choose one party or the other. I do NOT agree with everything the Republicans and this candidate stands for, but I can certainly say that I do NOT agree with the Democrats either.

  18. says

    How he fares in the Republican primary will be a test of where NH Republicans are really at. Will he be embraced by the same party that only a short while ago was pulling out the stops to take away his right to marry in the state? His biggest sin so far seems to be that he’s contributed to and supported Democrats. And his Republican opponent already has the support of the party’s big boys, so an uphill battle. I wouldn’t vote for him, but at least Republicans have a chance to show that marriage equality really is settled in the state–if it is with them, time will tell.

  19. Lee says

    EDA healthcare is not a rigt is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution and I vote based on individual stances on issues are not on party affiliation love some dems/gop and hate other depends on their stance not the party’s.

  20. Scott says

    The Dean of Business & Economics, eh? Would it be totally unkind to reframe his career as rising to the most dysfunctional level—management—of the most disreputable science —economics—since phrenology?

  21. jjose712 says

    James Peron: Demagoges are so predictable.
    Sorry, but the problem here is not that he is a republican, but the type of republican he is.
    If you are fiscally conservative i can respect that even if i don’t agree, but if you are gay a socially conservative, and put yourself with people who work actively to destroy your right, i have no respect for that

  22. Rob says

    If you support the notion that Republicans are greedy and selfish, rather than truly interested in saving public funds, then you need look no further than a gay republican. He is willing to sacrifice his own personal dignity and that of the kids being raised in a gay parent-led home in order to further the interests of big business and his own political career. Economic acquisitiveness and the economic polarization of society trumps all else in their bloodthirsty trek to the bank.

    Jamie said it best. “Ew.”

  23. Chadd says

    I would only vote for a gay Republican if the GOP was the minority party in the House. A GOP majority gives us Boehner and his Tea Party friends shutting down the government, holding our economy hostage and attacking LGBT equality at every turn. The GOP has to lose control of the House and I won’t vote for any Republican – even a gay one – until that happens.

  24. I wont grow up says

    So…in other words, unless you tow the ENTIRE gay line, you’re not a viable candidate. Just because he’s a republican he must be a Nazi or a bigot…sad, sad, sad.

  25. HG says

    The hatred for Republicans is as rational as homophobia. It’s funny though, how every lemming hates the “right” enemy. Gays need an adversary to motivate getting out of bed in the morning.

  26. Randy says

    After 2008, how anyone who promotes economics or business is credited with anything more than two brain cells and zero heart is beyond comprehension.

  27. mikeflower says

    Let’s see this schmuck take his cv to Liberty Univ or Regent & apply for a job. He’s got tenure of course along w health insurane & a pension fund. How does he feel about tenure & pensions?

  28. emjayay says

    EDA: Well put. I am again frustrated by the awesomest gay site having a retarded comment system with no thumbs up or replies possible.

    And no, the Consitution does not mention healthcare for all. Maybe that’s a good thing, because healthcare at that time involved bleeding and amputations without anesthesia. They didn’t even know what germs were.

    On the other hand, they thought the federal government should promote the general welfare, as mentioned in the preamble and provide for the general welfare as mentioned in what is known as the taxing and spending clause.

  29. Daniel says

    Yeah, I’d vote for a straight, but gay supportive Democrat over a gay, but conservative Republican any day. Though there are several Democrats who helped in shutting down the govt. that I’d like to vote out–including a lesbian Democrat.

  30. Derrick from Philly says


    you’ve finally made a comment that I can commend you on….not that it should mean anything to you.

  31. JP118 says

    The comments on this news piece is absolutely sickening. Comparing a decent and honorable man like Dan Innis to the KKK and “jewish nazis”? As a gay man, a New Hampshire voter, and a very independent-minded Republican, it is clear to me that the radical left is JUST as INTOLERANT as the radical bigots on the Right. Being gay and Republican is NOT a contradiction. My sexuality doesn’t automatically tie me to any fiscal/economic policies, nor should it automatically glue me into ONE party stereotype. NOW is the time to modernize the GOP, to move it forward, and to change it from within. Whether you’d vote for him or not, Dan Innis is a bold and courageous candidate who will open the minds of many in this party. It’s something we have desperately needed in this country.

  32. Jerry6 says

    There is something wrong here. The phase “Gay Republican” is an oxymoron. That would be the same as saying someone is a “Black White Man”, or an “Honest Poloticion”.