News: Lee Daniels, Montenegro, Bradley Cooper, Sinead O'Connor

RoadMAP: Where the GOP's 'suicide caucus' lives.

RoadNational Cathedral to host premiere of new Matthew Shepard documentary.

Bradley_cooperRoadBradley Cooper rocks some tight curls in American Hustle.

RoadBrent Hartinger, Amir Sade, Dennis Shinners, Edward J. Yeager, Jr, and Brandon Yarns have been announced as the finalists in Pride Films & Plays 'Greag Gay Screenplay Contest': "The finalists include a wide range of subject matter ranging from a love triangle set in France, a mystical teenage romance laced with racial tension, a set of non-actors facing possible Hollywood stardom, a sweet coming-of-age tale, and an older man's revelation of painful secrets."

RoadSinead O'Connor threatens to sue Miley Cyrus.

RoadColumbia, SC officials override decision by police chief ordering two officers to march in South Carolina Gay Pride Parade against their will.

RoadDavid Mixner: three compelling reasons for LGBT voters to flock to the polls in NJ and vote for Barbara Buono.

RoadGloria Steinem for transgender rights: "So now I want to be unequivocal in my words: I believe that transgender people, including those who have transitioned, are living out real, authentic lives. Those lives should be celebrated, not questioned. Their health care decisions should be theirs and theirs alone to make. And what I wrote decades ago does not reflect what we know today as we move away from only the binary boxes of 'masculine' or 'feminine' and begin to live along the full human continuum of identity and expression."

RoadAdam Lambert pays a visit to Barney's.

RoadBritney Spears is worried about being too sexy.

KaterinaRoadRussian lesbian couples in love.

RoadGay Racine, Wisconsin couple targeted in hate crime: "A Racine couple reportedly were walking home from the store on Wednesday when they said a woman — who repeatedly has called them anti-gay slurs for the past week — threw something at their window, shattering it."

RoadDirector Lee Daniels to receive Hollywood Director Award at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards: "The Hollywood Film Awards are determined by founder and executive director Carlos de Abreu and an advisory committee."

RoadSharon Needles is the official 'Scream Queen of Salem'.

RoadGays to hold second Pride march in Montenegro despite threat of attacks: "'Preparations are underway' to hold the march on October 20 in Podgorica, organiser Danijel Kalezic told AFP. Kalezic said the parade in Podgorica would be a "test of the authorities' will" to guarantee the rights of homosexuals in the former Yugoslav republic, which split from a union with Serbia in 2006. 'Verbal promises are nice, but in reality, gay people do not feel many changes and they still live in discrimination and fear,' Kalezic said."

RoadEvery video from last night's Beatles Glee.

RoadRussia halts adoptions to Sweden over same-sex marriage.

BransonRoadMeet the anti-gay pastor fueling FOX News' persecution complex: "There is an atmosphere of intimidation at Lackland Air Force Base," said Steve Branson, the pastor of Village Parkway Baptist Church in San Antonio. "Gay commanders and officers are pushing their agenda on the airmen. There is a culture of fear in the military and it's gone to a new level with the issue of homosexuality."

RoadSet photos from Reed Morano, DP for HBO's upcoming gay series Looking.

RoadKQED: Wave of evictions in San Francisco displacing gay men living with AIDS.

RoadLimerick, London, and Paris begin final bidding for 2018 Gay Games: "Delegates from the three competing cities, including London, who plan to use many of the facilities built for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, including the main Stadium, will be on hand to respond to questions regarding their bids and make their final presentations to the Assembly before the announcement ceremony on Monday (October 7)."

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  1. Yep, Sinead O'Connor is still cray cray.

    Posted by: Albert | Oct 4, 2013 5:20:11 PM

  2. I've always liked Gloria Steinem and I like her even more now. That one paragraph speaks volumes.

    Posted by: Ben Nevis | Oct 4, 2013 5:32:25 PM

  3. Maybe Bradley Cooper should play Eddie Mercury.

    Posted by: steve talbert | Oct 4, 2013 6:20:52 PM

  4. Albert: You can take your "cray cray" and stick up your --- you pathetic fag. Go get an education.

    Posted by: KR | Oct 4, 2013 6:38:01 PM

  5. Shouldn't the Glee thing read "last week's episode?"

    Posted by: MarkSquared | Oct 4, 2013 6:42:17 PM

  6. Who's Eddie Mercury? Is that the lovechild of Freddie Mercury and Eddie Money? Or would that be Freddie Money?

    Posted by: CVP | Oct 4, 2013 6:54:47 PM

  7. So fortunate to have experienced some of the '70's. I had a pale coral Qiana shirt and shoulder length hair. Can't wait for this film.
    I'm sure it will look ancient compared to today, but today sucks.

    Posted by: GB | Oct 4, 2013 6:54:54 PM

  8. Exactly NEVIS. She has the guts to to admit she was wrong in the past and she's so articulate about the respect that transgender people deserve. Good on her!

    Posted by: DavidR | Oct 4, 2013 8:18:32 PM

  9. @KR: Ha, ha! Are you Sinead's mother? Get upset about something more important!

    Posted by: Albert | Oct 4, 2013 10:54:15 PM

  10. Leave it to FOX News to publicize the oft-reputed Steven Branson's thoroughly false accusations of "persecution" of Air Force personnel who are evangelicals.

    Statistically, the service branch with the highest percentage of evangelicals is the Air Force and the highest percentage of ranking officers who are evangelical are Air Force officers, followed by the Marines.

    For the record, there is absolutely no truth, none, to Branson's allegations and, further, FOX provides no concrete, verifiable proof to support Branson at all.

    Once again,a "news report" by FOX reeks of the most reprehensible bias. The screen shot of Branson has the subtitle "The Fight for Faith" in the lower right-hand corner. Now, what is FOX trying to do with such a visual presentation except to provoke and incite antipathy against LGBTQ people?

    This is not reporting and I know, we all know, that FOX is not about reporting the news accurately but about deliberately distorting the news to propagandize for an extremist, evangelical, right-wing "world view".

    Yet, this is infuriating. With each and every passing day, FOX News and evangelicals prove themselves to be more and more loathsome. One day, they shall reap what they sow.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Oct 5, 2013 10:07:47 AM

  11. albert

    more like, Sinead the ever prescient casandra that gets ignored but always in the end is correct

    Posted by: Moz's | Oct 5, 2013 12:25:37 PM

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