1. Rich F. says

    He’s not exactly wrong… I refer to it as the Paranoia Tower. The base is a solid block of glass-clad concrete, the “spire” makes it look like it gave up three-quarters of the way to completion, and the overall shape of the thing is middling at best. Hopefully they’ll complete 2 WTC soon, so there’ll be something interesting-looking at the site.

  2. Kev C says

    One World Trade Center is perfectly fine. It’s a clean and sexy new building. It’s not recycled Industrial or Victorian era art, like some graffiti art is.

  3. Randy says

    Blanksy, why the Canada hate?

    He is right about the site though. I think they should have built those two towers right back, exactly where they were, but one storey higher. It would have been the ultimate tribute to those who lost their lives, and the ultimate f-you to those who wasted theirs trying to knock them down by erasing any “achievement” they made. You’ll notice they built the Pentagon right back. They didn’t turn it into a square. That’s the right attitude.

  4. Chris says

    It’s boring and fits in perfectly with the current Manhattan, with all the luxury condo buildings, Disney-ifed midtown and chain restaurants on every corner. NYC 2013: America’s biggest suburb, scrubbed clean and free of culture, edge and anything interesting.

  5. Kev C says

    Chris, would you prefer this: All our food should be approved by Gordon Ramsey. All our music should be approved by Simon Cowell. All our news should be approved of by Piers Morgan. All our art and architecture should be approved by Bansky. Everything we do should be approved of by some pompous British self-promoting jackhole.

  6. Homo Genius says

    it is horribly boring. Something I would expect to see in like Cleveland, not 21st century NYC, but then I find most all architecture in NYC the past 20 years boring

  7. D.B. says

    I hate to say it, but I agree with every word of Banksy’s op-ed. The new tower is nothing but a giant missed opportunity to create something great for the ages.

  8. Joseph Singer says

    I’m sort of inclined to agree with Banksy. 1 WTC has nothing but meh written all over it. It’s no different than every other glass skinned monolith in Toronto or Minneapolis. Oooey! It’s 1776 feet tall. How patttriotic.

  9. jersey says

    Eh I’ve tried to like it but it doesn’t speak to me at all. When I used to drive up to the city my heart would start beating when I saw those two black behemoth towers from the jersey turnpike. I brought my brother and neice from pgh up to the city over the summer and it just didn’t impress like those old towers. It really is a pretty boring structure.

  10. NY2.0 says

    In someways I agree with him. The new WTC isn’t even half as dominant as the twin towers. It just seems like a giant copout. The over extended antenna on the roof looks ridiculous and now there’s several condos for the super rich going up in midtown that would be taller. Sad really.

  11. dumbnhung says

    Puh-lease! Canada (Scarboro) is the home of the Marilyn Monroe towers – voted as the most interesting new buildings in the world. Google them bitches!

  12. discos says

    He really needs to go home already. I find his art equally boring. Gee a terrorist throwing a bunch of a flowers? Its our generations ‘clown with a tear’.

  13. emjayay says

    He’s right. And no I don’t think theres any complicated ironic meaning or anything in the essay.

    The original concepts for the WTC were bold and interesting statements of modern architecture. SOM changed it into a huge mediocrity. The tower on top looks like an afterthought left over from another building.

    I thought it looked like an obvious mistake in the renderings but it’s much worse in reality.

    Like Crhs said above it’s a product of and symbol of Bloomberg era big money capitalism. Big, expensive, and lackluster like all the rest. (And I think the bikes and bike lanes and plazas are fine. And a great architecture firm was contracted to do the permanent Times Square street stuff and it should be really good).

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