1. Eric says

    Obama. Pope. Church. Whoever it is it’s all about self-interest, power, and good PR. Obama has been a disaster for US human rights. Hell, Jimmy Carter came out last year, before the NSA revelations, and said that the US was in violation of 10 paragraphs of the 30 paragraph United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. If this Pope was really interested in humanity he would reverse the shifting of funds so that survivors of molestation at the hands of priests could get some monetary compensation.

  2. David C. says

    Let’s not forget all Obama has done for our cause. A lot. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than anyone else in his seat EVER has. He has been amazing and needs to be lauded and APPRECIATED.

  3. Randy says

    OK. Now he can ask the Pope why he excommunicates people for supporting ordination of women, but not for being Adolf Hitler. (Literally, definition 1).