1. Kathryn Leigh says

    Another fanatic using the Vatican playbook.
    They are so predictable with this nonsense, almost makes one think they have a collective fantasy going on

  2. johnny says

    Here’s a fun tidbit from Wikipedia:

    In 2013, Franklin & Marshall College conducted polling across Pennsylvania and commented on the fact that Corbett is the least-popular Governor in their poll’s eighteen-year history. Their August 2013 poll found that only 17% of voters thought Corbett was doing an “excellent” or “good” job, only 20% thought he deserved to be re-elected and 62% said the state was “off on the wrong track”.[

  3. Jack M says

    Yes, but remember this is the guy that deliberately held up the investigation and arrest of Jerry Sandusky so that his chances for reelection wouldn’t suffer. So I guess pedophilia is OK but having gay adult sex isn’t. He’s a dirtbag.

  4. Jacques says

    Here’s your analogy, governor:

    If it WERE LEGAL for a brother and sister to marry, we would be asking why not two brothers or two sisters. That would be equality. But it isn’t legal and nobody thinks it should be.

  5. Gigi says

    The brother and sister angle is at least biblical. Wasn’t it in Genesis that Adam and Eve’s children had incestuous sex with one another…and that’s how the world was populated? It would explain how pieces of sh!t like Corbett exist.

  6. Dave in PA says

    You know, you’d like to give some Republicans some leeway when they don’t seem to be COMPLETE idiots, but statements like this confirm it.
    His office will be getting a call from me.
    He will be a one-term mistake for the state.

  7. Brian says

    I am a PA native who moved to DE several years ago and married my husband in DE, which passed gay marriage with zero fuss whatsoever. The battle over marriage equality in my native state is one reason why I will never move back there. I don’t feel welcome there and I won’t live in a state (the only one in the northeast) that has no legal protections at all for committed gay couples and would treat my husband and I as if we were nothing more than roommates. I wonder if PA will have a “brain drain” of gay couples like us once they realize that as of now, there is nothing for them legally there.

  8. ToThePoint says

    That is all he can say given there is no real argument again equal treatment. He is like practically Repugs and can only make ridiculous statements because they are unable to come up with a legitimate argument. I wish assholism was a capital crime!

  9. Robert says

    Unfortunately this public servant IS and represents the vast majority of the “typical” uneducated, bigoted, backward people who populate the hills and valleys of Pennsylvania. I was born and except for my years of military service, lived in North Eastern Pa but travelled across the state in my work as a Human Resources Analyst for the Commonwealth. The people live amazingly isolated lives and are definitely undereducated. The average IQ is just barely above the threshold of mental retardation. I realized this quite early and left less than a month after graduating from high school. I fell in love while visiting relatives, so I decided to stay obtain a college degree then went to law school. I wanted to at least try to make a dent in the status quo. After my partners unanticipated and sudden passing, I sold our home and fled to South Western France where I now happily reside. Pennsylvania, thankfully is now and forever will be just memories!

  10. JT says

    Governor Corbett is stupid like a rock and a pedophile who preys on little boys.
    Oops! I didn’t mean to offend you. If you, your staff, your wife, your children, your family or friends are offended just know I didn’t mean to offend you. I regret writing this and am deeply sorry.

  11. johnny says

    Robert, yes, many of the people there are ignorant. However, my partner and I went there to visit my relatives in southwestern PA 6 years ago and (strangely enough) were treated with respect and kindness by our lower-income and wholly-uneducated relatives. Even my neice’s 10 year old son asked “Are they gay?” and reacted positively to it once he was told “yes”.

    There are exceptions to the rule.

    Corbett is a dumbass, but not everyone in PA is. And Corbett’s low approval rating currently proves that there may be an upswing to things. As well, PA citizens approve of marriage equality by 57 percent.

  12. AJ says

    Since the state that we moved to views us as nothing more than a pair of incestuous, twelve-year-old, cocker spaniels, I feel it is my right to demand that every penny PA has stolen be returned to us immediately!

  13. FFS says

    This guy’s a tool, obviously.

    But, when you think about it, there really isn’t a logical reason to prohibit adult siblings from marrying. Just because most people get ill at the thought of considering their siblings in that context doesn’t mean that’s true for all siblings. All the same arguments in favor of gay marriage apply.

    Or, of course, we could always go with my original solution. Disband the idiotic practice of marriage altogether. Then everybody’s equal.

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