1. will says

    There’s no spark of real genius in any of his moves or facial expressions. There’s no glimpse of authentic talent. If you watch Streisand you get a sense of internal emotions so strong they overflow into the external. She’s internally invested in her material. She’s authentically alive. There’s nothing internal going on here. It’s all surface and trumped-up energy.

  2. David From Canada says

    I love “Don’t Rain On My Parade” by Babs. While he’s no Streisand in the singing department, he makes up for it in charisma and energy. The location shots in the background were great, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, etc.
    I assume this guy, Morgan Reynolds, is in show business, although I’ve never heard of him before. He’s really got something there, that show biz persona.

  3. JMC says

    This is adorable.

    Is the first comment really a detailed analysis on how this guy isn’t as talented as Barbra though? Seriously wtf is with some of the people who comment here? lol

  4. Pete N SFO says

    What a bunch of crabby Monday morning queens!

    I like that he managed to allude to the big helicopter shot pull-away at the finale that Barbra loves so much.

    Now, go back to bed you guys!

  5. Mitch says

    After a breakup, first thing I do is grab my filmographer to follow me around to capture all the tears and cheers. But it’s not as pretty, all the crying in my beer and waking up in the morning rolling in the gutter. It’s more “What would another drink do?” than “What would Streisand do?” To each his (or her) own.

  6. QJ201 says

    Gee my multiyear relationship ended and I had to max my credit cards for movers and security on a new apartment…and then I spent the next year living on rice and pasta to pay off the debt.

  7. Dave b says

    It helps to be a cruise ship performer and being paid to stop at all those locations!!! More like he wanted to do a video and used the excuse of a breakup to promote himself.

  8. Ray says

    Silly fun! And to all of you who haven’t gotten out of your pajamas yet and decided to bash him – what sorry-ass thing have you done lately? Who cares why and how, he did it.

  9. jamal49 says

    Don’t know about the video but some of you are very funny and some not so funny. Always an interesting read.

    @QJ201 I sincerely hope you’re doing better.

  10. says

    Why all the negative comments? This video is fun stuff and took a lot of time, energy and talent. Remember this video was created for good reasons: like fun, expression of feelings and homage to FG and BJS. It also lets us know that the age of self expression via video is now golden and available to each of us to share with the world.

    The 1968 film version was done on a huge budget and in a way this version is visually as well done. However a talent like Barbra Streisand only comes around once in a lifetime. The young man plays his part the best he can and he gets an A for effort but he is naturally not in Barbra’s league.

    Hey guys, its all in good clean creative fun. With so much trash on line and on TV whats wrong with some honor to a retro classic movie musical film while applying the essence of the message to your romantic situation.

  11. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Didn’t watch it, won’t watch it. Why bother? The description and that picture tells me everything I need to know.

    Assuming there’s any authenticity to his backstory whatsoever (which I do not), remember the good old days of a couple years ago when one’s life was simply lived rather than written, rehearsed and staged for a camera?

    How did it take his ex years to realize he was a bad idea?

  12. says

    Morgan, you ROCK for having fun around the world and making a great music video that makes me want to do one too. Big shoutout to my DCL peeps! And a big tentacle twist to all the negative ninnie-trolls in the comment section.
    -Friend of Ursula

  13. Vivs says

    Geesh, why does everyone have to hate so much! This guy took a lot of his limited down time from him cruise ship job, to film something fun and lively. Yeah he had a break up, yeah he did this on no real budget, hows about people get a few facts before slamming someone?
    If the video is not your cup of tea, fine, everyone has different tastes and I hope you find something to brighten your day.
    For those who do enjoy it, and I am one, I say “Thanks Morgan for sharing your time and talents with the world! Hope you get over the breakup in short order, and keep your head held high, and your heart full of song.”

  14. Mitchrickjasonblah-blah says

    “…gee…i am a paid shrilling troll for the LCR- funded by Koch Money – because I love self-loathing…and the money’s just too good to turn down…despite betraying all gays and lesbians with my constant anti-gay bullying is quite fun. It makes my GOP parents love me…like they loved Barbara til she supported all the queers…”

    You trolls are disgusting. Take a hike.

  15. ALittleBird says

    Well you can be sad and bitter, like some of our commentators above or work to create something and put it out there for all of us to criticize and/or appreciate. It takes some balls, and Morgan has those, along with talent and some serious ingenuity. Thank God we have something other than Miley Cirus to speak for this generation. I love that he went to all the lengths to do this.

  16. Kyle says

    Wow, he took a bad time in his life and used it as motivation to add something nice to the world. And a bunch of you want to take that nice thing as an excuse to add hate to the world. Well, I hope Ms Karma don’t come knocking at your door too soon!

    Great Job Morgan Reynolds!

  17. Reggie says

    At the end of a hater’s life, they will have nothing to look back on but a life full of hate. And that is their just reward.

    This guy does something whimsical. And even if he is not Babs, or if he is not the most powerful singer, he looks as if he enjoyed himself. His little video did not tear down anyone. Or pump more hatred into the world. Oh that some of the trolls and hate mongers could make the same claim.

    More power to him.

  18. Brian Normoyle says

    Some comments here are remarkable in their unnecessary negativity. How dismaying to witness the LGBT community so readily and frequently eat its own and take such pleasure in tearing down someone’s sense of endeavor and possibility.

    The video is fun, whimsical, and well-executed — a great tribute to a legendary film sequence and a damned fine celebration of self-empowerment, regardless of how many commenters are auditioning here to be the new “Queen of Mean.”

  19. Thomas says

    I thought this was really adorable. I don’t know why people are seriously trying slag him off saying he doesn’t compare to Streisand…I don’t think the intention here was to knock one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived off her throne. He was just being creative, having fun, and showing off his cute suit.

    Putting energy into creative efforts is never a bad thing. Keep living life to the fullest Morgan.

  20. Rich says

    To be more honest than I’d care to, I’ve often looked to lyricists like Larry Hart and Cole Porter to explain to myself the conundrum of my inner life, particularly in my younger days. For Morgan Reynolds to put it out there like that caused me a twinge of embarrassment, having nothing to do with the quality of his performance.

    I hope it works for you, Morgan.

  21. DaveinUK says

    Ok, the concept is cute and his voice is better than the vast majority of American Idol auditions… having said that, it still was 3:02 of my life I will never have back…

  22. Chris says

    I thought you were WONDERFUL, Morgan! Such fun! Such energy! Absolutely charming and adorable! Keep on keeping on with your talented self and ignore the silly haters. (I’m sure even Streisand herself has had a few of those.) BRAVO, sir!

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