1. says

    This is the Tea Party and Republicans. These are the people who are trying to control our government. Sadly, (or maybe for some, gladly) these people and their extremism are not featured in the mainstream media, with probably the exception of FOX News.

  2. JMC says

    Wouldn’t a murder have to not actually have occurred in order for it to be a “complete fraud”?

  3. HadenoughBS says

    @CB: Agree with you totally. In fact, the participants in the 2013 VVS are about as far outside mainstream politics as you can get – and that’s out there on the edge of reality. It is this group of extreme right wingers who’ve steered this nation into the mess we find it in today. When GOPer homophobic bigot NJ Gov. Chris Christie is considered to “moderate” for the VVS, you know you’re dealing with cuckoo birds who took to their weekend microphone.

  4. Geoff says

    The Coultergeist must be “yesterday’s news” – otherwise it would be weighing in with something equally as horrifying and disgusting. Maybe it’s taking the advise of so many and “eating a sandwich”…or maybe it’s in Fukisima guzzling down the radio-active seawater to recharge its brain (such as it is). Good riddance, either way.

  5. anon says

    @DIMITRI…. I was thinking the same thing. This woman has no reason to be talking about what is natural or unnatural.

  6. yuninv says

    Is there some reason a 15 year old murder is so important to these people? What am I saying? They’re still whining about a complete fraud of a death that they think happened 2000 years ago.

  7. woody says

    She should put off public events until her most recent round of cosmetic surgeries heals. God would want it that way.

  8. woody says

    I’ve watched a string of VVS videos on YouTube for amusement. Entertaining and funny! When you think they can’t get more ridiculous, they just get betterer and betterer.
    God, they are so out of touch that they don’t even know how funny all this comes across to regular people.

  9. Jack M says

    What a dispicable human being. Using a murder victim to further your own objectives is tantamount to abuse of a corpse. It makes me ill.

  10. Frank says

    A few days ago I actually had an argument with gays who were defending this new book which I told them would lead to this kind of nonsense. I am infuriated by it.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Remember, there were posters on this blog who agreed with her about Mister Shepard’s death which was indeed a lynching. Remember who they were.

  12. Derrick from Philly says


    I have to apologize to you concerning the discussion on the Ole Miss football players who made anti-Gay slurs during “The Laramie Project” production.

    I should have realized that you were being sarcastic about what racists’ would say here on Towleroad. I understand now what you meant.

  13. Mike says

    Talk about a “dumb blonde” joke . . .

    The American Family Association’s “Value Voters Summit” is is the ONLY FRAUD being perpetuated by so called Christian conservatives to the more wacky members of the RETROpublican Party!

  14. jamal49 says

    Sandy Rios’ face-lift looks like it’s melting. That happens to wicked witches sometimes.

    Is anyone surprised though that the execrable book by that tacky, third-rate writer, Stephen Jimenez, would be picked up the extreme right-wing and promoted at the VVS and across the right-wing media world?

    Jimenez is as disreputable a person as they come and this book is proof. It is all hearsay and gossip. There is not one verifiable bit of evidence to back up any of Jimenez’ slanderous allegations against Matthew Shepard.

    Stephen Jimenez is a coward and shameless self-promoter who attacks a man who can no longer defend himself from Jimenez’ cheap, exploitative accusations.

  15. Bernie says

    Ms. Rios is anti-science and anti-research, but cherry picks the few studies that support her idiotolgy………..

  16. Walt NYC says

    How can a murder be fraudulent if it actually occurred? Matthew Shepard was murdered, for whatever reason. Has anyone read Mr. Jimenez’s book? I would bet money Sandy Rios hasn’t so much as glanced at it. I am in the process of reading it – I’m about 200 pages in. It’s a tough read, in that it’s just f*cking boring. Anyway, Jimenez concocts his whole version of events based on a series of interviews with drug users and dealers, male hustlers, a limo driver/drug dealer/pimp, “friends” and former paramours of Matthew Shepard, etc. As far as I can tell, no medical examiners, no police records, no credible sources are involved in the process. Again, I am still reading. Jimenez claims to be gay and have no agenda other than uncovering the truth surrounding the murder of Matthew Shepard. So far, his book has done nothing to convince me that the circumstances are any different than what we have already heard from police records and the subsequent trial.

  17. sam says

    I find it hard to believe that the police wouldn’t further investigate the alleged drug connections of Shepard and McKinney, and that all this is coming to light because of a single guy’s “investigation”, as if there was some sort of conspiracy to suppress the truth behind that crime.

  18. PDX_Guy says

    Homer Simpson: “Marge, it takes two to lie, one to lie and one to listen”

    Marge: “What does that mean?”

    I think we just found out what it means.

  19. Jason says

    To manipulate somebody’s murder on your soapbox and then suggest your Christian values are being threatened… ugh, it’s sickening. Just sickening.