1. jamal49 says

    If this is the “best”, or the worst, that the RNC, the Republicans have to offer, they are worse off than I though. Tired doesn’t even begin to describe this nonsense.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I surely hope the Republicans end up running some kooky anti-women Tea Party nuts against Hagan and Landrieu. The two are so important in keeping a Democratic majority in the senate. I think Landrieu is safer than Hagan. Family name, you know.

  3. Howard says

    By the time next November rolls around, these ads are going to be an embarrassment for the RNC.

    If the website is still malfunctioning next November, then the administration will deserve all the criticism that it will receive.

  4. hugo says

    Good ol’ GOP. Always light-years behind the pulse of time.

    Next they’re going to hire that dell-dude from the late 90s or whenever those ran. “Dude – you’re getting Obamacare!” Meant as a negative tagline, of course.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    Such a waste of donated money. Use the money you’ve collected to start a program that will beat Obamacare as a great alternative otherwise you are doing nothing to help those who need it.

    One could use all their money to buy adspace to bring attention to how others mishandle orphaned eagles. However, one could use their money to fund a solution to stop orphaned eagles. How you spend that money of course says a lot about what you’re really hoping to do with your financial might and whether or not you really care about the eagles.

  6. CMLion says

    You have to give them credit for parodying an ad from the 21st century. Granted, it’s 5 years old, but still, 21st century. I’m almost-sort-of-kind-of-possibly-but-not-really impressed.

    What is it about Republicans and their complete lack of understanding humor? Remember FOX News’ The Half-Hour News Hour? Pathetic.

    Please, please, please let The Daily Show respond! Their take down will be swift, merciless, and hysterical.

  7. Confused European says

    The USA is the only first world country that does not have a system of universal health care (some would say that, by definition, this excludes the USA from “first world” status). That a major party can be against it is almost incomprehensible to the rest of the civilised world.

    Has USA politics become so polarised that the good of the people is irrelevant?

  8. DrunkEnough says

    My private sector insurer’s website has been down for days. Who the hell with a few brain cells left still believes the private sector will be the savior of this nation?

  9. Jexer says

    It would be more honest if “Private Sector” were wearing a mask, a pirate hat and wielding both a gun and a sword, as he stands on bags of our money that he’ll never use for our healthcare.

  10. Ted says

    I’m angry because they’re making fun of Obamacare, the rollout of which has been a smashing success!

    Sheesh, gang – the worst you can honestly say is the source material – the Apple ads – is dated.

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