1. Gregory in Seattle says

    After 43 failed attempts to repeal the law, after shutting down the federal government in a snit and getting their asses whomped by public opinion as a result, after bringing the largest economy on the planet to the brink of catastrophe and changing course only after their betters slapped a bit of sense into them, the Tea Party has latched onto the expected glitches in a very large, very complex and very high traffic website and turning it into a witch hunt.

    These idiots shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public, much less sit in Congress.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Gardner was the biggest [word I can’t use here] of the day. He was exactly the same in the hearing last week.

    I get the feeling these ex-lawyers really feel their oats at these hearings, showing off their old prosecutor/litigator chops.

  3. Jay says

    People’s insurance plans are being dropped despite promises to the contrary. Regardless of political affiliation, this deception is outrageous. And as evident in the NSA scanda, Benghazi, etc, this seems the modus operandi for the Obama administration.

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    The health care system shouldn’t be left to the capitalists. They have the power to say “pay or die” & can determine the price.

    As in most civilized countries, we need to tax everyone a fair amount & provide medical care to all who need it.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Jay, insurance companies and private businesses are entities not under government control. They are free to do what they want, and they have done what they have always done, raised the price or cancelled policies. Obama would have had to have been the dictator so many think he is to have forced insurance companies to perpetually honor policies and not increase rates. Obama’s *promise* was about concerns that the ACA itself would *force* people to make a change. To think otherwise is naive.

  6. ratbastard says


    Systems like the NHS in the UK routinely deny care to people they think are too old or too ill for an expensive medical treatment. And there are many scandals regarding care or lack thereof. Next door in Canada, many people must wait so long for procedures routine in the U.S., that they actually go to a U.S. medical facility. Healthcare in both countries is absolutely rationed, similar actually to an old American HMO plan or medicaid at a public hospital or clinic. I personally like the French system the best. Germany and a few other Euro countries also have good systems. None of them are strictly single payer like Canada or the UK.

    This so called ObamaCare implementation is a textbook clusterphuk. I think a huge amount of fraud has also occurred, for example why was this firmout of Quebec, with a notorious reputation, chosen for such a monumental project and $huge$ contract?

  7. Kev C says

    I’m glad I don’t have any health coverage. Next they’ll be mandating vaccines with the insurance.

  8. MIke says

    The novelty has worn off. I was even tickled to see European leaders now complaining to the UN about their previous hero who they prematurely awarded the Nobel Prize to. It’s actually hilarious.

  9. Ryan says

    So Republicans wanted the ACA to fail, and now they’re mad that the website rollout isn’t working properly? I thought that’s what they wanted. Why are they suddenly outraged over something they didn’t want in the first place?

    People are so impatient. We’ve waited on healthcare for decades and now suddenly because a website doesn’t work for a couple weeks the sky is falling and it is deemed a failure. All website rollouts experience glitches. I know this because I’ve worked on several.

    FWIW, I could not get into the site for the first two weeks because it was plagued by high traffic, but this past Sunday I was able to log in, answer all my personal info, shop plans, etc. and never experienced a snag like I did in the first couple of weeks. And on top of that, the Blue Cross policy I was quoted was the same price as the one my employer offers but with WAY lower copays and deductibles. So I think I’ll be switching and giving it a shot. If rates change or I experience problems, I can always switch back to the Blue Cross plan offered by my employer next year.

    All this hand-ringing gets so tired. If people would just act calmly and rationally for a few minutes they’d realize the world isn’t ending because of the ACA.

  10. says

    I have to wonder what the Republicans’ end game is here. What exactly are they hoping to achieve with these hearings, other than a big waste of time and money? (Something at which they seem to excel.)

    If they are hoping to embarrass the Democrats, mission accomplished. They’re embarrassed by the glitches in the website and, I understand, working hard to correct them.

    If they are hoping to do away with Obamacare, no chance. They’ve already voted over 40 times to do that and have gotten exactly nowhere.

    I wish they had put as much time and energy into that debacle of a war that George W. Bush led us into. Where were those WMDs? Over two trillion dollars spent and what exactly do we have to show for it? To say nothing of the 300,000 people who were killed. But by all means, let’s talk about glitches in a website.


  11. Mike Ryan says

    “People’s insurance plans are being dropped despite promises to the contrary.”

    Not true. It was CLEARLY spelled out in the Act and publicly announced in 2010 that if your insurance company’s plans did not comply with the Affordable Care Act the insurance company had to replace the plans with plans that did comply. It is the insurance company that is taking advantage of the situation and driving up their premiums to meet the ACA requirements.

    Go with a different insurer and take a package you can afford.

    I signed up with ObamaCare and have exactly what I want at a price that I can afford. It is BETTER than the plan Blue Shield was charging me an arm and leg for. There is no reason to lie to people about the ObamaCare program other than it results in you being little more than a scare monger and liar yourself.

  12. Deee! says

    This might be off-topic, but I really don’t see why Obama is getting blamed for all this NSA stuff. It started in 2002, or earlier, yet everyone is acting like it was Obabma’s masterplan. It seems like it had become routine by the time he came into power, and he just didn’t want to change too much. Also, who told you all those countries that are complaining about being spied on, aren’t in turn spying on the US? It’s easy to cry blue murder when you didn’t get caught…

  13. my2cents says

    as a sole proprietor, i was informed (by united health care) that my insurance would be discontinued (after 6, paid on time, years) as of Jan. 1 as a result of ACA…

    weeks later, when the the NY Exchange ‘estimated’ costs were announced, I recieved an email saying i was welcome to continue my current coverage until the annual renewal date (mid-2014).

    quick math proved me that my savings with ACA would be +50% — and that my current insurance provider would loose out on 6 months of profit.

    my suggestion: be patient, and become educated through research. all the while, may g*d save you from any pre-existing conditions you may or may not be aware of.

  14. Sam says

    The pathetic GOP and Tea Party are so desperate in grabbing attention and power that it will implode in their business-as-usual faces this coming election year. I am so looking forward to the voting slaughter.

  15. Jay says

    Dastius and Mike I understand your arguments, yet the President’s claims were incompatible with the actual language in the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is the driving force behind the changes and the resulting cancellations.

    I get that many of the insurance “plans” people had were ripoffs and I’m not against the ACA setting higher standards of care. But my gripe is with the inherent deception in the way the administration handles the people’s business.

  16. Jay says

    Dastius and Mike I understand your arguments, yet the President’s claims were incompatible with the actual language in the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is the driving force behind the changes and the resulting cancellations.

    I get that many of the insurance “plans” people had were ripoffs and I’m not against the ACA setting higher standards of care. But my gripe is with the inherent deception in the way the administration handles the people’s business.

  17. Dave. says

    Ratbastard. Do you have personal anecdotal experience of healthcare in the European countries you are referencing ? I grew up in the UK. My entire family received excellent free health all our lives, as and when we needed it. I am really intrigued as to where you are getting your information about NHS Scandals ? The Daily Mail ? The Daily Telegraph ? The fact is NO ONE in the UK will ever go bankrupt because of medical bills. No one in the UK worries when they are diagnosed with a serious illness about how they are going to afford treatment. No unemployed single mother ever has to worry about her child’s healthcare. No one stays in a job they hate because they get free healthcare. No one decides to not become a freelancer or start a business because of health insurance premiums. It isn’t a perfect system, but you do feel perfectly free under the NHS… Generally in the UK the only people who really have an issue with it are far right rich aristocratic old school conservatives. You are talking about ‘rationing ‘ of healthcare and I am really interested what facts and figures you are using to back up these claims…you say ‘routinely’ but is that actually true ?

  18. JP says

    Jay… The only plans that are being discontinued are what are known as “junk” plans that offer very poor coverage. Many people on these plans don’t yet realize that they will find much better plans at a comparable cost.

  19. Gregory in Seattle says

    @ratbastard – Demonstrable lies, told only by Faux Noize and its horde of mindless zombies.

  20. SteveInDE says

    It’s easy to relate. Like every other adult in public life these days, she finds herself being harassed by petulant children. Having to answer to the ass-wipes is beneath her.

  21. Joe Clark says

    It’s not a big deal, but Rep. Harper is from Mississippi, abbreviated MS, not MI, which is Michigan.

  22. PAUL B. says

    I’m a big ACA supporter and I believe the problems will be worked out. However, just so we’re clear about something…we just received a cancellation notice from Kaiser Permanente after 30 years with them. They claim we’re 1.4 miles outside their coverage area…and to comply with the new regulations…our police is terminated Nov.30. It’s funny because we’ve been here most of that time and they never had a problem taking our monthly premiums. We’re very disappointed that this could happen to us…sort of lost some faith in this administration.

  23. simon says

    Why isn’t a hearing on recent government shutdown which wasted more tax payer money? Of course the House Republicans don’t want to take responsibility. And the money they wasted on the defense of DOMA.

  24. Chris says

    I’m so sick and tired of this reoccurring myth that Canadians regularly go to the us for hospital visits. This is a lie that has been completely debunked. All urgent and life threatening medical needs are immediately attended to, and non urgent ones don’t have to wait much longer. The vast majority of Canadians are happy with the healthcare that we are provided with. (Directed towards rat).

  25. simon says

    It is rather puzzling why Canadians have to come here to the US for hospital visits. It doesn’t make sense. Are there private hospitals and doctors in private practice?
    For example, for non-urgent needs, is it possible to find a private hospital. Of course that means one has to pay more. Unless they are more expensive than in the US, which also could be quite extensive without insurance.

  26. Perry says

    As this unworkable piece of manure is crumbling, the 2014 election will be a repeat of the 2010 election: a landslide defeat for Democrats.

  27. Jonathan says

    It is scary how many people are willing to allow the federal government make decisions for them because they believe government knows best. This same people who want the government controlling their choice of health insurance plans get their panties in a knot when state governments want to curtail abortions. If you want the government to control your body in one aspect then you should be willing for the government to control your body in other aspects (i.e. abortion, gay sex, etc…)

  28. crispy says

    “the government controlling their choice of health insurance plans

    Homo say whut?

    The government is by no means controlling your choice of health insurance plans. The plans offered by Obamacare are PRIVATE insurers, and you get to shop for and choose the one you want.

  29. Jonathan says

    No you don’t get to shop for the ones you want because of that is true, the plans they have now would not be cancelled. They are being cancelled because they don’t meet the requirement that the federal government says you must have. It is controlling your choice of the health insurance you want.

    And this is beyond the fact that they are taking away your choice whether or not to spend money on a product you may not want to buy.

  30. crispy says

    WAHHHH WAHHH WAHHH! Somebody call the WAAAAAMBULANCE. Your crappy insurance plan that doesn’t meet modern standards has been cancelled by your insurance company. And now you have to shop for a new one.

    Honey, it’s called Open Enrollment. Those of us employed by private corporations do it every October. Welcome to the real world.

  31. Endora says

    Rat – Spare us the Hannity. You people always compare the worst examples of Single Payer or NHS with the best examples of our present system.

    Yes, Canada has waits for noncritical tests and procedures. It’s called efficiency. No one dies because of it. Emergency medical need in Canada and the UK are met with immediate medical care…. as they are here.

    You also failed to note that you are not comparing apples to apples. While it’s true that the NHS has lower standards of comfort and convenience, it also delivers universal healthcare at about half the price of the American system at present.

  32. Reality says

    Republicans are pathetic and they use these hearings to rally their base and that’s it. They’re not actually accomplishing anything at all.