1. MIke says

    LOL. “The good old days of SNL” would have torn Miley Cyrus a new ahole on their opening show after her disastrous career realignment and most certainly would never have such a lightweight host and musical guest. And I’m talking the GOOD OLD days of SNL.

  2. MIke says

    And how edgy for Miley to mock Republicans. Gurl, you are radical.
    Meanwhile Obama is slamming Ted Cruz with “When I was in the Senate, the media barely noticed me and I never notice them.” Will someone give this man his Oscar already? Oh, Jeez and Louise.

  3. greg says

    The pics of the skits make me cringe. I simply cannot bring myself to watch these. Somewhere in the universe Gilda Radner is giving Lorne Michaels a side-eye.

  4. Bernie says

    anything that makes fun of Boehner and Bachmann scores points for me….the skit was not really my type, but the message was quite clear…….Ms. Bachmann will now have to do 20 hail Marys for this!

  5. MikeMB says

    The skits were hit and miss, as usual (but the We Did Stop the Government one was very funny.) However, she killed it in her two live songs, particularly the unplugged version of We Can’t Stop.

  6. HAGATHA says

    I personally think that that so-called parody was disgusting and pointless. It was obvious that Taran Killiam, the guy playing Speaker Boehner, had his package effectually-enhanced with a sock or two, although his bare rear end did look nice. But still the skit was not very well-written or enacted.

  7. Kev C says

    Not all gays want to be associated with Miley’s brand of brainless degeneracy. She makes conservatives look good in comparison. Even Michelle Bachmann.

  8. RonCharles says

    All the pitiful losers and priggish prudes attacking Miley Cyrus should remember that she is worth over 120 million dollars that she has earned on her own, that her video for “Wrecking Ball” has over 195 million hits, that the same song is number one on the Billboard charts and in Internet downloads, and that she has hosted SNL. How many of those things have any of you ever done?

  9. EchtKultig says

    I’m not a Miley fan because I’ve never listened to one of her songs, but the We Did Stop (the Government) skit was hilarious, even though I wasn’t aware it was parodying one of her videos until this morning.

  10. EchtKultig says

    And the clever thing about it, of course, is it merely reframes the Republican’s actions in a more recognizable or even shopworn formula for decadence. In fact if, per the dictionary, “decadence” is a kind of self-indulgence that limns a decline in ethical traditions, it describes the actions of Boehner perfectly. The inmates are running the asylum of the Grand Old Party.

  11. Gee says

    The skit actually enhanced Republicans. The Boehner character had a nice ass. The pace and frantic quality was barely satire. It helped the “enemy”

  12. Adrenan P says

    What has Miley ever done for the gay communiry7 She allegedly refuses to include the gay male aesthetic in her videos. She is managed by the same creeps who manage Britney. I also heard her new album is mediocre.

    Stop promoting her.

  13. dixichuk says

    Great skit. Satire suits her. Just hope she invests well now, and the joke’s not on her when it fades. And..don’t know about John’s boehner, but his ass is fine.

  14. alex says

    @Adrenan: “What has Miley ever done for the gay communiry7″ (sic).

    In an interview in 2010, she expressed support for gay marriage. A year later, she got a tiny equal sign tattoo and tweeted “All LOVE is equal”.

    I have no problem with people not liking her music, performances, or public persona. But make no mistake…she is an ally.

  15. Kev C says

    The gay community has a long tradition of artists, intellectuals with style and good etiquette. It also has a modern tradition of money and status worshipping idiots and vapid sex fiends who do nothing but dance and cause drama. Miley appeals to the latter group. And we need less of the latter. Much less.

  16. leprechaunvict says

    What’s with the GOPtrolls lamenting here on Towleroad? Shouldn’t you be directing your anger to where it belongs, ie at the Teabaggers? Republicans are far more disgusting than any SNL skit.

  17. Kev C says

    There’s a difference between being flamboyant and colorful – and being a disgusting pervert. The stereotype of the gay sexual degenerate, the pedophile seducer is a role imagined by sick homophobes – NOT SOMETHING TO ASPIRE TO.

  18. FFS says

    @Nagatha: That applies to all Republicans. Especially, TR’s very own Rickgatha.

    @Kev C: Tripping over oneself to inform other people how absurdly déclassé they are is, of course, the epitome of true class. Won’t you please teach us all how to be insufferable prigs, like you?

    I like that the new kid on SNL isn’t shy about stripping down. Looking forward to seeing more of Mr. Killiam in the future.

  19. Kev C says

    To the naked crackhead masturbating in public, everyone else seems like a prude.

    Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber … all drug addicts jerking off in public. Nothing to be seen here but a sad spectacle of sick people. Miley’s popularity is only eclipsed by her unpopularity. Same with Bieber and Gaga, and maybe Obama.

  20. james says

    I read the Rolling Stone interview with Miley Cyrus and I’ve had a 180 turn around of my opinion of her. The girl is smart as hell and knows exactly what she is doing. It has worked like a charm too.

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