1. Jay says

    I just dislike when the President doubts himself and says something like “Don’t take my word for it”. This just communicates weakness and this makes him and his message ineffective. He needs to have more spine and get behind his words.

  2. Mike says

    Have patience with the new system. Republicans would rather seize on ANYTHING NOW and be contentious than even give it, let alone the website a chance . . .

  3. Zlick says

    I rather like it when politicians say “Don’t take my word for it” and encourage people to research some facts and think for themselves. Politicians are a notorious breed of unscrupulous liars, so one who encourages people to fact check them is more believable than one who doesn’t. It’s a sad fact that no one believes politicians at face value, but that’s what the world has come to. For someone as routinely vilified as President Obama, this tactic is even more appropriate, imo.

  4. Jay says

    Zlick Most people do not check facts, all they perceive is weak, ambiguous message that creates doubts in their minds.

  5. Jay says

    “Why can’t I take the President on his word, is is worthless?” That’s the kind of though his recurrent speech invokes.

  6. QJ201 says

    I hope after 2014 Obama stops being afraid of being seen as an angry black man and delivers a big can of whoopass.

  7. disgusted american says

    I agree with QJ201 – its about me some WHOOOPASS was deployed in full force!!! “Angry Black Man Initiate!”!!!

  8. Mike says

    Obama shows some Presidential WHOOOPASS when NEEDED! Bin Laden certainly got it full force at a time when Dubba and other ReFLUBlicans had made a mess, (and huge profits for themselves) in Iraq. As you might recall, they were saying at the time that “he REALLY didn’t matter anymore” . . .

  9. ratbastard says

    You guys are a trip. Do practice kissing POTUS’s bum everyday?

    It’s a textbook example of a cluster-phuk. No surprise. And most Americans reading this will see their premiums INCREASE. The only folks making out like bandits with ObamaCare are the health insurance industry and ‘poor’ folks who get ‘free’ heath insurance.