The Hidden Cameras Unveil ‘Gay Goth Scene’ Video

HiddenThe band’s website elaborates on the video’s accolades:

“Gay Goth Scene” has already made the rounds at special screenings in Toronto, Los Angeles, Ogunquit and Tel Aviv with future screenings slated for Salento Finibus Tarrae in Italy, Queer Lisboa, Face a Face St. Etienne and Wiz Art in Lviv.

Good news, everyone! Kai Stänicke’s short film for “Gay Goth Scene” has won the “Tadgell’s Bluebell Honor Award”, being named “Best Short Film About/For Youth” at the 16th Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults.

Their second and third albums — Mississauga Goddam and Awoo — weren’t as pointedly sexual as their first, but they did still hit on queer sexual-political themes of neurotic bodily obsession (“I Need Another Enema”), the excitement of shared oral pleasure and growing up closeted in your own hometown.

Their last album (2009’s Origin:Orphan) was inarguably their most orchestrally ambitious; using triumphant horns, choral arrangements and grand scores to explore devotion to emotionally-absent men and how whoredom complicates identity.

The Hidden Cameras — who have a penchant for performing in bombed-out churches, abandoned theaters and soccer fields — are currently touring. Gibb had wanted to turn Origin:Orphan into a theatrical production in Berlin where he lives, but it’s unclear whether that ever happened.

The clip is now available stateside.


  1. rippper says

    “Goth , the white boy version of sagging.”

    That makes absolutely no sense at all. But few of your feeble-minded comments do. Goth continues to thrive, in particularly with young gay kids who feel like outsiders, because of pricks like you.

    And rap is not older than goth music. They are virtually the same age, having both originated in the last 70s.

  2. jamal49 says

    @HAGATHA Honey, don’t you have a coven to go to or something?

    This band reminds me of what being “queer” used to mean before the glide into straight acceptance and weddings and having kids and so forth.

    Makes one appreciate that once we queers actually thought we might make a difference and shake up the heterosexual tyranny just a bit.

    Guess not.

  3. Hagatha says

    jamal – Your self loathing is evident. Clearly you don’t understand that gay men are not imitating straight men, it is they who imitate us.

    Straight men are natural couch potatoes. We’re the ones who got them to go to the gym. We’re the ones who got them to get slave bands tatted on their biceps… for our pleasure. We cut their hair. We trimmed their beards and cleaned up their eyebrows… they of course took it too far and shaved their crotches and legs, tweezed their eyebrows into Mexican perfection.

    We depigged them.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, my God, this blog has gone plum crazy. Anytime Hagatha Hearne is called an “anti-white racist” it’s time to get the off this blog. She’s the queen of the Ku Klux Klan, and you call her anti-White? Oh Lord!!!

    LOL. I can’t take a drink this early…and at work, but I wish I could.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Derricka – I am not the queen of the kkk, I am a Nationalist.”

    What kind of Nationalist? What? Of a retirement community in Florida? (Or when you’re being Rick, an apartment in NYC)?

    Oh, honey, raise the swastika.

  6. Jude says

    How could you forget the most memorable song from The Smell of Our Own?

    That, of course, is “The Man That I Am With My Man”.

    But yeah, a great album indeed.

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