The Hot Gay Kiss on Last Night’s ‘Revenge’ [SPOILERS]: VIDEO

Here's the recap, via Hollywood Life:

Patrick (Justin Hartley)  asked Victoria to sell her collection and they’d move away together. (Wait, doesn’t this sound like two lovers rather than mother and son?) Victoria graciously declined because her children need her.

Victoria ended up getting a job at the art gallery, but after she found out her boss was scamming her, she forced her to give her the entire gallery!

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) broke his no-technology rule and started investigating Patrick. He found about Patrick’s ex-wife (Brianna Brown), who seemed a little bitter about her ex-husband. She called Patrick a user and a liar, but after Nolan offered her $20,000, she was more than willing to talk.

Nolan ran into Patrick a second time and — wait for it — he kissed him! Patrick tried to act surprised, and Nolan started to get embarrassed, until Patrick kissed him back! Nolan breathlessly said, “have mercy,” which is exactly what I said. This is one of the best twists of the season thus far. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


Bonus Hartley:



  1. Bill says

    Or maybe not so hot (though both men are quite sexy). So tired of short closed mouth kisses in primetime between same sexes, but long juicy kisses on the het side. On the plus side – the more visibility the better.

  2. Gil says

    A kiss is just a kiss. There’s no need — and there shouldn’t be any need — for the “gay” qualifier? Move past this self-limiting, conceptual ghetto framing.

  3. Sam says

    @Bill: Lingering passionate same-sex kissing is not ready for prime time. Open (wet) kissing with shirtless bedroom action is left for daytime and cable shows (if any). Its still progress, though.

  4. Kyle says

    I highly doubt Justin Hartley’s character is really gay. Something tells me he swings either way depending on how it helps him financially.

  5. FakeName says

    Um, you get that posting a picture of the kiss along with a headline citing the kiss renders the spoiler alert moot, right? Right?

  6. joeyhegele says

    I saw the gay twist coming so I hardly consider it a spoiled moment, but anyone who is actually watching Revenge could figure out who those two characters are from that photo. Again, it does not bother me personally, but some folks who have not seen the episode and had no idea the gay twist was coming might be annoyed. You should consider hiding the picture until they click the link.

  7. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    I finally stopped watching “Revenge” when the twists & turns just got too ridiculous. Keep posting the good parts like this though. It will save us all time that would have been wasted.

  8. karl samson says

    I would like to have them both in bed
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  9. Francis #1 says


    This kiss wasn’t even a kiss. They literally faked it. Closed mouth completely. Oh well. It would be nice to see more actual same-sex couples, relationships, that are real, loving, romantic and don’t end in tragedy, on cable networks, but I guess we’re not there yet.

  10. Robert says

    lmao. Karl, seriously, the Towleroad comments section is probably the worst place to find a trustworthy sex partner.

    I thought the kiss was okay. I’ve seen MANY worse gay kisses on television. I don’t expect much.

  11. Kevin says

    I was hoping they’d go down this road with Patrick. But…is he genuine or is he scamming Nolan?

  12. Gabe R L says

    Well, if a man is willing to swing any way depending on how it helps him financially he is still a little bent, not straight, even if not gay or not quite bi.