1. bluedogj says

    Thanks for posting Andy. As a young man Tom’s art made me realize that what I was feeling was both manly and more than ok. Will look forward to seeing the MOCA show.

  2. Mike says

    A LOT of gay and forward looking people live in Los Angeles! (I do not.)This could have been in New York, (I do not live there either.) however the ancient song lyrics “my MOMA done tol’ me” does not readily come to mind . . .

  3. says

    “UGh! LA! Who lives there?”

    Well Durk does. He’s been keeping Tom alive for all these years and has done an excellent job of it.

    Years ago he spent an evening showing me around the house, studying my Catholic-guilt related responses to everything and teaching me a lot about myself.

    Great guy. Love him. Will never forget him.

  4. Mikey DallasM says

    For much more on this period read “Secret Historian, the life and times of Sam Steward”. Sam Steward wrote porn novellas under the name “Phil Andros” and many were illustrated by Tom of Finland. A truly amazing read and a real cultural education.

  5. Matthew says

    I used to live in Silverlake a few blocks from the a gallery that sold Tom of Finland’s work, then I moved to Echo Park and found that I was living 2 blocks from this house. Only realized it when I was walking my dog at nite, and many uniformed men kept walking by.

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