Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1441

DAVID AND RICH: NJ couple married in NYC speak out about the importance of marriage equality in the Garden State in a new web spot for Barbara Buono for Governor.

RICK OWENS: The Spring 2014 Womenswear collection, Paris.

REAL-LIFE ROCKY:The first in a 'Movies in Real Life' series from Improv Everywhere. What movie would you like to see them recreate?

MAN IN A CUBE: Is this for real? Unfortunately, no.

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  1. Jonty Coppersmith says

    If Obama voters would come out to vote in the gubernatorial election Buono would have a chance. Why don’t Democratic voters vote in non-presidential elections? How do Republican governors win in states that routinely vote for Democratic presidents?

  2. GB says

    Andy that Cube Boy is for you. Now that he’s not living there anymore you should look him up. I don’t know if he’s gay, he didn’t seem to have a skin care regimen. Cute guy.

  3. Fenrox says

    Wow that Rick Owen show was offensive. Remember, parody and irony do not excuse the exploitation of a trope, it must be transformative or subversive to be that or your really just part of the problem.

  4. says

    “REAL-LIFE ROCKY:The first in a ‘Movies in Real Life’ series from Improv Everywhere. What movie would you like to see them recreate?”

    As long as we’re talking about Rocky, how about “Mask”? Anxious to see who’s gonna play Rocky there…

  5. Lymis says

    As for the Improv Everywhere question, one that leaps to mind is the restaurant orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally – with the camera on the other patrons.

  6. Patric says

    The Buono clip really should have been given its own posting. This site and other sites need to be doing more to highlight her underfunded candidacy.

    New Jersey is the only state in the entire country where a single individual is all who stands in the way of achieving marriage equality.

    The odds may be long but our community and our allies really need to put up a fight this fall against the anti-gay bigot Chris Christie who is the only obstacle to the achievement of marriage equality in New Jersey. Barbara Buono is our great ally but she will be massively outspent by the Christie machine in the weeks ahead. This site should be promoting her and highlighting Christie’s anti-gay bigotry every day between now and the election.

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