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Universal Studios Hollywood's Homophobic Halloween Show: VIDEO


As Halloween draws near, many of you will likely be getting your ghoul on and partaking in special Halloween shows and events. One such attraction, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, involves a play of sorts titled Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure. It has drawn attention as of late for the across-the-board offensive attitudes on display, including plot lines and "jokes" that are blatantly homophobic. Most notably, in this year's play, Bill & Ted are transported to the Land of Oz via tornado (or as they call it, the "ghost of Cory Monteith") where they encounter Superman who promises to help them fight the evil witches of Oz. This all goes awry when Superman accidentally gets dusted with "fairy dust" by one of the witches and becomes gay. Vice has the report:

After becoming gay, Superman's voice and posture changes. His lips purse, his toes point inward, and his wrists become limp. His new voice sounds like a homophobic uncle doing a drunken impression of Richard Simmons, complete with lisps and frequent use of the word "faaaaaaabulous!" [...]

Obviously, now that Superman is gay, he is not going to be of any use to them. "Who could possibly make a worse Superman?" asks Bill. "Ben Affleck?" responds Ted. [...]

Then, because Superman is now gay, he minces over to Bill and Ted, blows kisses at them, and slaps Ted on the ass. As he does this, Bill and Ted say "awwww dude!" with disgusted voices.

After a few more attempts at molesting Bill and Ted, Superman ends up aboard the Starship Enterprise, where he runs into Superman villain General Zod. General Zod tells Superman to get on his knees. Because Superman is now gay, he assumes this is an invitation to give Zod oral sex. "Finally!" he squeals.

Also aboard the Starship Enterprise, the gang runs into George Takei. Because George Takei is gay too, he and Superman share an instant mutual attraction. "Who's your friend?" asks George, in the same lisping, gay-minstrel voice that Superman uses. 

Before Bill and/or Ted can answer, Superman interrupts by yelling "Hey daddy!" to George...George and Superman disappear to have sex. "Time to boldly go where no man has gone before!" says George, as they exit the stage. 

This is the last we see of Superman in the play.

Previously, in 2006, Universal Studios Hollywood offered a version of the Bill and Ted play that featured a gay Superman more interested in ribbon-dancing and saying the word "rainbows" than fighting evil.

Check out a video of Superman ribbon-dancing and a clip from this year's incarnation which shows Superman getting beat up by General Zod after Superman implies he'd like to perform oral sex on him AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Paging HRC -- and the Universal oversight department.

    Posted by: Richard | Oct 19, 2013 2:26:04 PM

  2. Are they reciting before Sochi Olympics?

    Posted by: litper | Oct 19, 2013 2:27:06 PM

  3. 1-800-UNIVERSAL


    Posted by: Eric | Oct 19, 2013 2:30:19 PM

  4. why stop now, universal studios? how 'bout "men in black face", "transgenders", or "jew-rassic park"?

    or, even better, "despicable you-niversal".

    Posted by: northalabama | Oct 19, 2013 2:32:44 PM

  5. It's crass and annoying, but I don't think it's homophobic per se. Frankly, the lines read like something Jack would say on 'Will & Grace'. Not to mention, David Walliams and Louie Spence do the same thing on British TV.. a lot.

    It's the mincy, campy, jester archetype that gave us social mobility in the past, but now that we're inching closer to social equality, the majority of us would like to pretend that most gays are actually butch rugby players.

    Posted by: Hugh | Oct 19, 2013 2:36:50 PM

  6. It's comedy. Lighten up. You don't have to enjoy it or think it's funny, but that doesn't make it homophobic.

    Posted by: daws | Oct 19, 2013 2:37:31 PM

  7. "They're all gonna laugh at you." ~Margaret White.

    Posted by: NotSafeForWork | Oct 19, 2013 2:42:29 PM

  8. Not acceptable. A little bit of this might have been okay, but they go on and on with it. Homophobia is not funny. It would really make me wonder about the people who wrote this play.

    Posted by: David From Canada | Oct 19, 2013 2:45:02 PM

  9. No matter how far we've come, when things like this happen, sometimes I feel like Carrie at the Prom.

    Posted by: NotSafeForWork | Oct 19, 2013 2:56:20 PM

  10. This isn't homophobia, nor homophobic. The definition of those words is a fear of homosexuality. What we see in these "productions" is insulting, yes, stupid, yes...dangerous, no. This is comedic, and has been stated in other comments, there is similar material in many other outlets. I'd complain a bit, but it's nothing to be up in arms over.

    Posted by: Lee | Oct 19, 2013 2:59:52 PM

  11. Stereotypes of amy sort are shameful. On top of this they are wretchedly dated. No post millenial person finds humor in this. All we see are stupid actors submitting themselves to the work of an atrotious director. Pituful.

    Posted by: man2.0 | Oct 19, 2013 3:06:01 PM

  12. WTF is this crap? In today's day and age there are still these desperate and disgusting stereotypes attempting to grab attention for cheap laughs?

    Posted by: Reality | Oct 19, 2013 3:12:04 PM

  13. Hugh, there is a huge difference between creating feminine/camp characters and using feminine qualities as a gag and portraying them as negative/undesirable.

    If Superman had been turned black, and suddenly become a fried chicken eating criminal, would that be any more acceptable? Not every gay man needs to be a lumberjack, in reality or fiction, but using feminine mannerisms to mark a character for derision is frankly disgusting.

    Not to mention George Takei is a real person, and does not have a lisp, so the only purpose of changing his voice is to make fun of what the creators perceive to be gay.

    Posted by: OddBet | Oct 19, 2013 3:13:11 PM

  14. Uh, no. The problem isn't that it's homophobic (though it is), but that it's LAZY. This is the same thing Franklin Pangborn was doing in the 1930s and I'd like to think we've advanced a bit since then. But apparently not.

    So is George Takei actually taking part in this? You'd think he'd know better, but maybe not.

    Posted by: Caliban | Oct 19, 2013 3:14:12 PM

  15. Maybe not homophobic, per se, but what worries me most is that stuff like this sends the message that it's perfectly okay to ridicule and laugh at gay people. It's not even very subtle at that.

    Posted by: MarkSquared | Oct 19, 2013 3:16:36 PM

  16. Keep in mind that the movies were homophobic too. Maybe they are just staying true to the source material.

    Posted by: ladi | Oct 19, 2013 3:17:28 PM

  17. What idiot is responsible for this?

    Posted by: Mike | Oct 19, 2013 3:18:06 PM

  18. This is really funny stuff..... I mean if you're in seventh grade. I can just hear impressionable school kids who watch this saying, "That Superman was sooooooo gay!"

    It won't "get beter" until gay people demand an end to these offensive gay stereotypes.

    Posted by: Kieran | Oct 19, 2013 3:24:17 PM

  19. Think of a young kid at Universal with his parents. If he's uncertain of his sexuality & sees "gay superman" as an object of ridicule, what does that do to his self-esteem?

    Posted by: JonnyNYNY2FLFL | Oct 19, 2013 3:27:48 PM

  20. Saw this show two years ago during HHN. It's PAINFUL to watch, for the acting, the story, the jokes, everything. People walked out of the show because it was THAT bad, and this from people that are not theatre goers. No surprise here.

    Posted by: Kevin G | Oct 19, 2013 3:28:00 PM

  21. Oh God, the hypocrisy. This flog was just crowing about how wonderful the Rambo video was which did the exact same thing.

    Posted by: patrick | Oct 19, 2013 3:28:58 PM

  22. I've never been one to fear having a few laughs made at my expense, but this crosses the line big time.

    I never like to see people fired, but people need to be fired over this. Anyone who wrote and/or approved the script -- and anyone who should have approved the script, but didn't.

    Posted by: Ryan | Oct 19, 2013 3:32:45 PM

  23. I agree: this is disgusting. But how hypocritical of Towleroad to post an indignant recap of this show and ON THE SAME PAGE below suggest that the gay-Rambo satire is funny. That was every bit as offensive to many of us, and maybe worse given that it comes from within our own community. And I don't think there is anything wrong with effeminate gay men and nothing wrong with those men being funny. But the Rambo short was/is a minstrel show. Anyone else notice that double standard?

    Posted by: MDays | Oct 19, 2013 4:00:26 PM

  24. I am over how 99% of the time the gay guy is portrayed as a very nonthreatening queen. Where's the self confident good looking sexually attractive gay man? Honestly I couldn't care less how gay he acts as long as there's a confidence. I've maybe seen one or two portrayed before but know countless of them in real time.

    Posted by: Michael | Oct 19, 2013 4:06:28 PM

  25. How is this different from British Panto?

    Posted by: Matt Munson | Oct 19, 2013 4:07:39 PM

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