Washington Capitals Instructs NPR Not to Ask Alex Ovechkin About Gay Rights in Russia


Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, who played for Team Russia at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and is likely to play in Sochi, spoke with NPR about the upcoming Winter Games.

NPR said that Capitals PR asked them not to ask any questions about the anti-gay laws in Russia.

NPR did not follow orders, and asked Ovechkin if athletes and fans have a reason to be worried about discrimination or being arrested at the Games.

Replied Ovechkin: "Nah, I don’t think so. To be honest with you, man, it’s just a situation when people have rights and I’m just hockey player. I just support everybody and everybody have own mind."

Ovechkin was asked a similar question in late August, when he replied: "[There are] calls to boycott the games? Our job is to play. I'd rather speak about that."


  1. Trev says

    Funny. It worked when Lynne Cheney smacked NPR down for asking about her lesbian daughter.

    My how times have changed.

  2. litper says

    Don’t believe any lies they say. Russian hockey players are the worst homophobes. When they move to Russia, like Kovalchuck did they support murder and beatings of russian gay teens!

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Washington Capitols should be wholly embarrassed and are obviously humiliated. They should not even be going to Russia and instead, should be boycotting. The Olympics is not the only playing venue, there are hundreds if not thousands of other events and opportunities for the Washington Capitols to play. Now they will be boycotted for their participation and humiliation. And we should ALL boycott the Russian Olympics. Don’t watch. Don’t support any of the Olympic Sponsors and/or any athlete that agrees to attend the event. That’s the best thing we can all do.

  4. bear says

    Turn It Off; NBC Olympic boycott starts now. Can’t watch CBS, ABC and a umber of other networks instead? Read a book then.

    Tune NBC and the IOC SOCHI 2015 OFF.


    The genocide will not be supported by the ‘Genocided’.

  5. Jeff says

    Um, Mike, the Washington Capitols will not be competing in the Olympics. Countries compete, not sport clubs. Ovechkin, as a Russian national, will probably be flying over to play for Team Russia.

  6. Scott says

    And, of course, the “Washington Capitols” won’t be doing anything, since the team is the Capitals.

  7. GH says

    The Russians will be devils to gays regardless of interviews. They have to be liars. Is this the Olympic Games of 1961? If it isn’t difficult for gays, you can guarantee they will make it so. Some people are sexually gay, others make a hobby out of stopping people they perceive hate us. Everybody is a big job.