1. ratbastard says

    Oh dear god. Gays are supposed like either shows about old women living together or 20 somethings trying to find themselves in NYC? I’ll stick to the history channel, animal planet, discovery, and the occasional cheesy syfy flick. Thank god for those chinese sites where you can watch the latest movies for free.

  2. jim says

    I was at the Paley Center this past Saturday for their talk with the ever so lackluster John Cameron Mitchell hosting. Adam could’ve hosted himself. He, the cast and creators were amazing. He’s got my vote to be to the web what Ryan Murphy is to to old-world TV.


  3. DrMikey says

    I was sad when ‘The Outs’ ended for good. Now I have a new, whacky & sweet bunch of characters to care about. Thank god Toby finally got what he needed. I could definitely spend a rainy, winter Sunday with my better half watching 14 episodes from Adam on Netflix!

  4. Distingue Traces says

    I’m really enjoying this – a step up in a number of ways from The Outs, although I miss seeing more of the rest of that cast.

    Really DON’T see the point of the “why isn’t this salad a sundae?” comments. No reason you have to love it, but if your only criticism is that you want a different show on a different subject, well, there are other shows.

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