1. MaryM says

    I like the advert.

    But I think the focus is misguided.

    The true horror of the law is being felt by ordinary LGBT Russian people – NOT by privileged Olympic athletes.

    The fascist laws do not and will not affect Olympic athletes.

    It effects millions of ordinary Russians.

    ANY Olympic athlete that competes in Sochi without loudly and vocally condemning Russia’s laws is a collaborator with fascism.

    I genuinely don’t care whether they have spent their lives training. Their ability to win a medal for being good at a sport that no-one watches pales into utter irrelevance compared with the human rights abuses being inflicted on gay Russians by the Putin dictatorship.

  2. litper says

    Beautifully made ad, but the fascist terrorists in IOC won’t listen. Just yesterday the pro-Putin gang attacked private LGBT meeting, one man is now left half-blind, the other girl is seriously injured. This is Olympic values???