1. tinkerbelle says

    It’s LUCIEN Freud, the painter and friend of Bacon. I ADORE Francis Bacon’s work, but this price is obscene. It’s a painting (well, three, as duly noted). Like the orange diamond that sold for $35,5 million — can’t people think of more constructive ways to use their money? End of days.

  2. Scott says

    @ Tinkerbelle, I somewhat agree with your viewpoint- a really good documentary I saw recently- BBC’s The World’s most Expensive Paintings- explains some of the rationale and passion behind people spending huge sums on art. Definitely recommend the doc- sometimes people buy as investments, insurance, or it’s purely showing off or some type of status symbol. And then there are those who truly love the art, the unique vision of the artist and of which they’ve created.

    We all view the world in different ways- and process things differently. And Bacon’s work highlights this for viewers. And, for those disparaging his work, if you watched the video, you would’ve seen his talent in the small details, the brushstroke and color application.

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