Baylor Student President Vetoes Proposal to Remove ‘Homosexual Acts’ from ‘Sexual Misconduct Code’

Last week we reported that Baylor University's Student Senate voted to pass the Sexual Misconduct Code Non-Discrimination Act, which would remove "homosexual acts" from the Waco, Texas Christian school's "sexual misconduct code".

HodgesThe Student Body President vetoed that decision on Thursday, the Waco Tribune reports:

Student Body President Wesley Hodges told the Student Senate Thursday that the university’s board of regents likely would not have granted final approval for the change to the policy, especially because the full student body had not had a chance to weigh in on the topic.

The senate did not achieve a two-thirds majority to override the veto during a vote in a closed session…

…“I truly believe that Baylor treats its students with grace, love and truth, and in doing that seeks to accept all students, but does not affirm all student behaviors,” Hodges said. “Simply because the university disagrees with your actions or lifestyle, does not imply that it is seeking to attack you.”

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  1. Mitch says

    College students teaching other college students to take pride in their institutionalized bigotry regardless of how unseemly it is to allow a majority to determine the rights of a minority…

  2. northalabama says

    why would this decision coming from a church based university surprise anyone? why not post a “straights only” sign on the front door?

    he looks like a happy bigot, but still a bigot nonetheless.

  3. Roger says

    What’s to like about Hodges decision to veto? Nothing.

    Moreover I wonder why a gay person would ever want to attend Baylor? Come out, love yourself, and get a better education elsewhere!

  4. Tom in Lazybrook says

    Brian in Texas

    Baylor is NOT a peer of Georgetown, Seton Hall, and Notre Dame. It is a peer of Liberty and Bob Jones Universities. Here’s why.

    Openly Gay men and women in relationships can be professors, students, and staff members at Seton Hall, Georgetown, and ND. They CANNOT at Baylor. A Baylor education is very limited as only professing fundamentalists and straight persons can be in positions of authority.

    As a Gay man, I need employees that are able to handle working for an open, proud Gay man in a position of authority. Baylor, like Liberty and Bob Jones, doesn’t produce those.

    Enjoy getting shut out of the NCS this year, even if you win out. If Texas bolts the Big XII, enjoy life in Conference USA. Because no one will have a school that discriminates in their conference.

    Baylor has a right to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and religion. I have a right to say, “the only reasonable reason to discriminate on that level is for seminarians (as opposed to Math or Science professors). And I have no need for Baptist Preachers.” Baylor is a Bible School. It is more of one today than it was 10 years ago. Baylor is moving away from providing an inclusive education.

    I actually think that Baylor is now worse than Oral Roberts University (!) which is starting to slowly clean up its act. Baylor, under the ‘leadership’ of their extremist President, Ken Starr (remember him) is moving towards Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, not away from it.

  5. Jesse says

    many girls from my Missouri hometown went to college at Baylor. Even they said “most of the guys at Baylor were gay and that the line between an effeminate homosexual and a pale white christian male was very blurred.” Also they noted that basketball and football players there didn’t have to adhere to any code of sexual ethics — especially after Ken Starr arrived (and Baylor’s teams got remarkably better).

  6. Lottie Moon says

    I personally know more gay graduates of Baylor University than any other school. Homosexual acts are a well-established, longstanding , and widely observed tradition on that Waco campus. The cognitive dissonance in the administration and among some members of the student body on this is palpable.

  7. Jay says

    If someone voluntarily decides to attend college at such a stupid institution, they deserve what they get. The people I worry about are those who are forced to go there by parents or others. I can’t imagine a fate worse than being surrounded by self-righteous Southern Baptist bigots and ignoramuses.

  8. Mousemess says

    Georgetown is in DC and DC has laws against anti-gay discrimination and DC has the most number of rights for gay people in most any area in the USA. Vermont is the other area with the most number of rights for gay people in the USA. In DC, you cannot lawfully discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in hiring and firing. Georgetown is not Baptist, it’s Catholic but it does not practice discrimination against gay people.And I don’t plan to live any farther south than in the Maryland suburbs of DC. No Texas for me.

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