1. HereinDC says

    “GOOD FOR HIM! I never realized he was “in” – but then again, talking about it on the show is something of a step forward. ”

    Now if only Queen Latifa wasn’t such a twit about her sexuality on her tv show….that’s why her show will fail.

  2. TimothyD says

    OK. Biggest Loser always uses family and loved ones as motivators to help people lose weight. Since early days I posted on their show’s websites, questioning how Jillian and Bob could use that motivator but never have a family of their own to talk about how that had motivated them. ABC always deleted my posts. So — good for them both for coming out but it is a bit ho-hum now that the show has run its course.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I’m all for public figures acknowledging the obvious, but how can you “come out” when a five year-old would know that you’re gay just by looking at you?

    Either “coming out” makes sense or it doesn’t, and, in this century, it doesn’t. He just acknowledged (not “confessed”(!), as the clip’s talking head tells us) what everyone already knew. Better late than never, but that he made such a big deal out of the reveal was just silly.

  4. Michael says

    This is classic. He’s 10 times ‘straighter’ than the guys on Dancing with the Stars and only one, according to the network station, is gay. Sorry but it’s the biggest joke thinking there might be one or even two straight gays on DWTS.

  5. says

    What’s with the condescending sky is blue type comments?

    I’m sure his intention wasn’t to shock anyone with the big “secret” that he’s gay, especially since he’s been out in life for years. Not talking on TV about a given, his sexuality, is not the same as hiding it. In this case, he publicly referenced his sexuality and articulated the coming out process to help another person, not to have a SURPRISE! moment. It’s the media that pretends there was a confession and that it’s news.

  6. jamal49 says

    It may not have come as a surprise to anyone here and he might have been “out” in his private life but sometimes to make it public is very important. Most here seem to miss that he publicly declared himself to help a contestant who has struggled with his own gayness and his family’s reactions. Some of the people who post here are too cynical for their own good. I am glad that all of you have had such an easy time of it.

  7. Grover Underwood says

    I’ve only watched the show a few times but as far as reality shows, it’s not too bad. If one person is helped because of this show, then I think the work this show does is successful.

  8. johnny says

    Probably very few people in the fly-over states had a clue he was gay, so it’s nice to have him come out on prime time. Now the kids in Suckyville, Kansas have a role model.

    @Crispy, LOVE the pornstache… glad to see them coming back.

  9. db says

    I guess it’s true that he’s never talked about it on the show but he’s been out here in LA forever. I have a dvd of him in a show (a pilot maybe?) called “Gay Abs”. I’m glad he came out. I think Jillian is out as well. It’s actually a pretty good show. I was worried that it would just be mocking these people but I think it’s a good tool for helping people to get in shape.

  10. GregV says

    I had no idea he was gay, let alone “out.”. Some commenters assume he was out but it comes across as a naive assumption when no one references anything he’s publicly said in the past to suggest that.

    There is a big difference between being out to a few people in your close circles and being out to the 9 million or so people watching NBC last night.

    There is also a big difference between allowing a tiny number of viewers with highly-tuned gaydar to read between the lines (because of “clues” like not mentioning his family like others do) and saying clearly and unashamedly that he is gay.

    When I was 5 or 10 years old, NO gay person who kept quiet about it was a gay role model to me, EVER! Even if I heard or read rumors, NOT mentioning it (when everyone else talked about their lives and families) made it seem like, if the rumors were even true, that it was a secret they kept with shame.

    And no, not every 5-year old already knew. It’s a pretty safe bet that not one 5-year-old viewer out of a hundred knew before last night.

    He DID need to say this and it was helpful not only to the contestant but to tens of housands of gay kids (and hundreds of thousands of straight kids) watching who need visible and vocal gay role models.

  11. Macguffin54 says

    As others have said it is not at all surprising. But as the commenter in the video said, it is not surprising that he is gay just that he has spoken about it… And that a show that aims for low-brow middle America has given him the forum to talk about it. There are all kinds of ways to come out. If you never discuss or acknowledge your sexuality in one area of your life you are in the closet in that area. So, yes, he came out “on the show”.

  12. ian says

    I’ve never seen the show, but that was a lovely act of kindness. I wouldn’t doubt that Bobby’s struggles with being gay and coming out contributed to his weight gain. Harpers discussing this issue hopefully will improve Bobbys emotional state and lead to weight loss success, which is after all the point of the show. Harper should worry that Bobby will develop a serious crush on him.

  13. says

    Well, good for him for making it clear to any of those at home who can’t stop Family.

    It’s a rather relevant angle, being on Biggest Loser, too. I’ve had many friends over the years who were overweight before coming out – and while they weren’t exactly aware of it at the time, being overweight was indeed part of their ‘disguise’ – even unintentionally. basically, and it’s not a nice reality, nobody ever asks the “overweight person” why they’re single and “haven’t settled down with a nice girl, yet”.

    This is, of course, not to say that they intentionally put on weight for that reason – food-as-comfort is something a great many people do when struggling with depressions. But it’s not all that uncommon.

  14. robroy says

    Its funny what ‘coming out’ means to different people/age groups. Its not like he ever trotted out a fake girlfriend or had a family as a beard and lived life on the DL. And its not as if he even hid it- I’ve swear I’ve read articles on gay lifestyles, etc with him in them. I remember him in an article about whatever part of LA he bought a loft/condo in during the 2 or 3rd year of the show.

    It is rather humorous that so many younger people’s automatic response is ‘why would he make an announcement.’ Because it really is no big deal in certain parts of the country.

  15. says

    “It is rather humorous that so many younger people’s automatic response is ‘why would he make an announcement.’ Because it really is no big deal in certain parts of the country.”

    It’s not so much that he was making an announcement (blog posts have just turned it into that); he was talking about being a gay man with a young contestant who was dealing with coming out. It just happened to be the first time he discussed his sexuality on the show. Coming out can be an ongoing process. I consider myself completely out, yet I outed myself to homophobes passing out anti-gay pamphlets today … it can also mean different things in different situations.

  16. lookyloo says

    “The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper came out of the closet as a gay man for the first time on his show..”

    Wow that’s a wonky (and seemingly incorrect) way to word what actually happened.

  17. woodroad34 says

    I don’t think that he’s ever been “in”; but I believe he says that he’s never discussed his sexuality on the show and that’s the big news. In fact from what I could find on the interwebs, is that there was a lot of suspicion from past contestants, but no confirmation.

  18. says

    After so many seasons, literally hundreds of Biggest Loser contestants from all walks of life have gotten to know Bob – and Jillian – and incorporated them into their ‘family’ that forms during the show. They then take that positive role model back home to their extended families. Yeah it could have happened on the show years earlier, but regardless, kudos to NBC for finding the perfect _context_ to bring it to millions upon millions of viewers.

  19. m says

    making a tv moment of such a personal situation doesn’t feel right. bob harper coming out on the show and talking about his personal life is ok and may even help some viewers. what feels weird is that the contestant bobby came out on tv. who does that? coming out to one person is hard. coming out to a parent is stressful. but coming out on tv? on a reality show?

  20. GregV says

    @M: this isn’t just a reality show to the contestant, Bobby. He was morbidly obese and depressed and this is the venue he’s using to take control and turn his life around forever.
    Everyone gay person has his or her own pat to coming out (with the exception of those who live a sad and closeted life forever).
    The method I chose was to call up my friends one by one for a hang-out session and explain. International TV would not have been comfortable for ME. But I can totally understsnd the sppeal to someone like Bobby to just let every friend, relative snd co-worker who’s watching know all in the same moment so he can have the stress of all those discussions checked off his list snd he can focus on everything else he has to do to turn his health around.

  21. m says


    if that’s what bobby needed it makes sense. i only came out to one person at a time at first and then slowly got the courage to tell more people. i wasn’t that brave.

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