1. woodroad34 says

    Remember the little kid from the video of gays being proposed to who obviously parroted his parents about how it’s bad for two guys to get married; and when asked why it was bad…he said “I don’t know”.

    That’s what’s happening here…Bryan Fischer spews sulphur and gas, but he has no clue why it’s wrong.

  2. Jay says

    ENDA should not include protection for discrimination. Congress should try different strategies to pass the bill, like piggyback it, etc. Or at the very least have a road map to fix the bill. Writing discrimination into law tends to stay there for decades, just look at all the sadomy laws.

  3. renovato says

    If your conscience tells you its OK to harm people because they are gay or to discriminate against your fellow humans because they are romantically attracted to their own sex – then their is something defective about your conscience and it needs to be re-installed and rebooted.
    Get a clue Bryan! Some people are gay. Get over it.

  4. Bill says

    @john patrick: I don’t think he has a sexual orientation either. Maybe he used to, but as some people age, it stops working.

    Some heterosexuals do need protection. Some years ago, for example, Mr. Bobbitt needed some protection from Mrs. Bobbitt and didn’t get it until he was, err, “separated”, not from Mrs. Bobbitt (that came later) but from a critical appendage:

  5. Grimm says

    Why are there no Straight Pride parades?
    Why is there no White History Month?
    Why is there no special parking for the able-bodied?
    Why are there no cemeteries for the living?

  6. Bill says

    @Grimm: the cemeteries for the living are churches were you have to hear sermons from mystical Germans who preach from 10 to 4.

    (The term “mystical Germans” in the Mikado referred to evangelical German Lutherans who had been touring England at the time the Mikado was written).

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