1. bobbyjoe says

    What’s with all these organizations asking “questions”? You can read all about Russia’s policies and their effects on countless internet news sources or pick up a damned newspaper. Of course Russia is gonna say “oh no, no, everything will be fine.” These “questions” are simply cover for everybody to pretend everything’s alright. It isn’t.

  2. jjose712 says

    Russia’s song this year was about respect and union no matter the differences.
    People laughed their asses off in forums during the performance (not that the poor girl was at fault about her country’s policies).

    A lot of fans are gay, and those are the ones who travel every year, and there were problems before in Serbia and Azerbaijan.

    Curiously, homophobic countries have no problem in send obviously gay contestants. Serbia won with a great performance of a lesbian some years ago. And Azerbaijan performance last year was clearly (even without being that the intention) homoerotic (as homoerotic as some pics of their singer sleeping with his head in his male dances shoulder).

  3. bandanajack says

    i remember being more than a little impressed by dima and doing some research at the time. it seems he was a very driven youngster sure of his talent, but spent a few years as a rent boy to finance his career. from all reports he was very good at it. the last i knew he was being aggressively marketed as straight, but some flames keep peeking out of the shadows.

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