1. Chaz says

    Is Scott Bakula gay? He does so many gay and gay-friendly roles that I always expect him to show up in anything American with a remotely queer bent (if I may put it so).

  2. mikeflower says

    At the very least, he’s the Neil Patrick Harris of the UK. He’s as talented an actor as has been seen in a generation. His History Boys costars have either attained Hollywood careers or roles on Broadway, including a Tony. His voice was edited from the US version of the animated film Pirates, only to be replaced by nobody, Anton Yelchin. He seemingly owns British T.V. & yet he is considered “dead” here in the US.? Why is Russell Tovey reduced to a project clearly beneath him?

  3. bobbyjoe says

    It’s a little weird they’re using the “scenes in the title letters” effect in the trailer, since that was just used by the gay indie “I Want Your Love” trailer not long ago. I’m not saying they’re ripping them off since there’s obviously no patent on that device, but it’s a little strange since these are the only two trailers I’ve seen in the last couple of years that use that effect, and they’re both for similarly themed gay projects.

  4. Ken says

    Where are the disabled? Where are the little people? Where are the Swedish? And they don’t portray anyone living in an iron lung. We must include every category, always. We can’t just let creators tell their story the way they choose.

  5. Rowan says

    Lol Ken! And Fenrox, some of us are black too and are tired of having random black characters that look out of place on frigging shows that would not nec have them hanging out together!

    If this is supposed to be some docu realistic show and puts black characters for no reason then because they are black and then have them talk with a southern accent while snapping their fingers, I don’t know how Fenrox you can see that as a good thing?!

    But if it’s fantasy like Glee or showy drama lite like CSI, then by all means, SCREAM away!!!

  6. Rowan says


    I hope you make these same comments when you see ANOTHER cop drama on frigging TV. There are NO gay shows on TV but yet you compare this to a dated show from the 90’s? Really?

    Gravity!? Urgh, not another Star Wars!

  7. CraigR. says

    As a gay black man I have yet to see another, outside of “Six Feet Under” , who was not a Sambo of black gay men. It is clear that that the white gay world of entertainment thinks very little of me. I am there to make the other white men look better or not there at all. Even gay porn is all white unless it is making a stereotype of my penis.

    I love your this blog and unlike some others I find it very color blind. But that show has nothing to do with me as a gay person. Only white young, socially good looking gay men need apply. Gay community what a joke that is when you are still sitting in the back of the bus.

  8. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    Good-looking “A” gays in an all-too gay friendly city. Where’s the challenge…where’s the new spin? At least QAF had the audacity to be set in Pittsburgh. And what about us not-so-great looking, socially awkward, regular-guy gays who are trying to find love as well. We have stories to be told and may be far more identifiable than most of what’s out there. I guess I better start writing….

  9. Zlick says

    Really? Every show that resembles you in some way (in this case, gay) has to resemble you in others? WTF? I’m not young or A-list-looking, but I’ll still give this a shot because HBO has a good track record, and because the track record of gay-centric shows is far too slim overall.

    But NONE of the shows I currently watch, nor many of the movies I go to see have anything to do with me or my traits or my persona or ME. They are entertainment and I watch for entirely other reasons than “relating to” them.

    It would almost be mildly insulting to suggest we check out a gay-centric show just because we are gay … except this is, of course, a gay-centric site.

    What is the POINT anyway of complaining there are no gay shows with black cast members when there are very few shows of any kind with black cast members? (And now that I look at that factor, just two of the five series I follow feature black cast members prominently.)

  10. 604brian says

    Hey CRAIGR, check out the comedy Brooklyn Nine Nine. In the show, the precinct is in charge of a stoic masculine gay black man. He mentions his struggles to become Captain as he outed himself early in his career. It is a comedy, but this is a new character that breaks most stereotypes. And Andre Brughar is a great actor in the role.

  11. Knock says

    Fenrox – there’s no shortage of the effeminate and non-white gay stereotypes everywhere else for the so-called gay community to aspire to. And has been. For decades. As a gay man who doesn’t swish or flap his wrists, I welcome the rare non-stereotype of gay men as masculine becoming a stereotype.

  12. shawnthesheep says

    Jeez, a 20 second teaser and already people are complaining about what the show is or is not. How about you give it a teeny, tiny bit more of a chance? Because there aren’t many shows featuring gay characters on TV, people expect the few that come along to represent everyone and everything that comprises the gay community. That’s simply not possible.

  13. GregV says

    Leading characters on American TV are over-represented by people who are young and/or unusually good-looking and/or white and/or male and/or heterosexual.

    A skewed number of characters, actors, reality show guests and news reporters are ALL of the above simultaneously.

    This is NOT a feature of gay-themed shows any more than it is found in media in general.

    We should be celebrating the increased diversity that exists when more characters are added who fit outside of SOME of those categories, rather than criticizing it because it doesn’t strive to create a peer group where every conceivable category of person is represented.

  14. Ian says

    Yawn, yet another hyper-sexualized gay series serial like Queer as Folk, Noah’s Ark, or Tales of the City. I lived in San Francisco when I went to Grad School. I was more than ready to leave as a gay man when I got my M.A. because I was tired of the hyper-sexualized atmosphere that was so prevalent. This is NOT what gay men are like outside of the major gay urban cities, and I’m tired of the very few shows that do show gay life trying to make it come across like THIS is what it means to be a gay man in America.

    The Castro while a fun area, was a gay ghetto, pure and simple.

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