Gay Moscow Nightclub Targeted in Poison Gas Attack


Central Station, a gay nightclub in Moscow which was the target of a shooting by armed gunmen last week, was hit by another attack on Saturday night, Queerussia reports:

2_centralstationIn the night of November, 23 a well-known Moscow gay club “Central Station” was again under attack.  Unknown malefactors sprayed some harmful gas inside the club among about 500 attendees. Several people sought medical attention but refused to go to a hospital.

The club staff immediately turned on a smoke removal machine which eliminated the gas from the premises in a couple of minutes, LifeNews reports.

“Today is the fourth provocation against the club arranged by unknown persons. We believe that they are connected with the building owner”,  says Andrey Leschinsky, the club general director. “They are spraying the gas inside the club premises, thereby trying to express their extremist views against LGBT community, which likes to visit our club”.

Andrey Leschinsky stressed that that in addition to gas attacks there were other indidents against the club. About a week ago, unknown visitors threatened the club and even shot a gun.


  1. MaryM says

    It is absolutely essential that where-ever possible to try to persuade civilized countries to divest from savage, barbaric Russia.

    Russia is a hateful, fascist dump – a boil on the ass of the world.

  2. ASam says

    Why isn’t Andy Towle criticizing Justin Timberlake for touring Russia next year? You expect your readers to be horrified at the anti-gay attacks in Russia but where is your own anger at Justin’s visit to Russia, Andy?


    Oh look it’s the anti-gay troll ASAM, who posted this:
    “Good. Some liberals don’t appreciate the will of the people. The people of PA don’t want the LGB community perverting the institution of marriage out of an uppity need for “political correctness.”

    Posted by: Asam | Nov 23, 2013 5:04:12 PM”

    And is now critizing A.Towle because it’s just too stupid to know that A.T. already discussed it.

  4. Sean says

    This experience brought to you be the encouragement of grotesque, inhuman, blood thirsty, Hitler wannabe hate mongers right here in America such as Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, Brian Brown, Austin Ruse, Scott Lively, and Linda Harvey.

  5. MrRoboto says

    BTW, isn’t this the very club that that American “journalist” for RT NEWS stood in front of in her news report and said, “No one here will talk to me, they won’t let me inside for fear of identifying themselves and opening themselves up to assaults,” but this gay club’s still humming along every Saturday night, so that’s clear proof that gays are happy and not oppressed here in Russia.

  6. Deth says

    So now Russians are gassing gays. So it’s come to this. We saw this coming; how many times have we seen commenters declare Russia the new Nazi analogue. Russians: what a disgrace to the human race. Shame on them. I hope they go to hell.

    @ mr.roboto “…but this gay club’s still humming along every Saturday night, so that’s clear proof that gays are happy and not oppressed here in Russia.” – No. But what you’re proven is how deranged you really are. Thanks for fueling our hatred towards anti-gays everywhere. You’re truly a disgusting humanoid with some ability to type. Congratulations.

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