1. Patrick says

    what’s with lesbian liars? is this a new trend? there was another (or two) who claimed she was a victim of a home invasion a while back…NOTHING against Lesbians its a sad story

  2. the other Ken says

    that’s just great.

    I’ve known 2 people like this. One called in sick at work with mononucleosis and showed up the next day, claiming it was the 24 hour kind. Another had a bruise on her face from a boyfriend that punched her but it was makeup, gone the next day. Both were straight.

    But those that are uneducated and anti-gay anything will file this away as proof that gays aren’t emotionally balanced.

  3. MFinBH says

    Her actions are especially damaging because her story will now be the go-to anecdote for wingnuts who wish to dismiss the victim every time a real incident like this occurs.

  4. Charlie says

    This person probably has psychiatric disorder and needs help. Even though she had people donating money to her I doubt that’s the main reason she’s doing this. I’m guessing she derives some kind of inner gratification from the outpours that she gets ( ie. the cancer survivor schtick). My money will be on Munchhausen syndrome.

  5. Mitch says

    What’s most surprising about this revelation is how long after the original incident that this information took to surface. It sure would seem that many close to the situation knew that the alleged hoaxer had more than a tendency to lie.

  6. says

    Stop your bullying, Crispy, I mean it! 😉

    Liars harm more than just themselves, and they should be called out, as the couple who was wrongly accused did in this case. There’s enough real discrimination and bigotry in the world without making it up for attention, or for whatever. And the “journalists” who first report these stories should take this as another sign they need to, like, fact check and verify before running with a victim’s tale.

  7. says

    several years ago I had the misfortune of becoming deeply involved with a guy who was a pathological liar . It took me a long time to catch on to him Then I had to admit I was being played

    I brought this guy into my family and work .. changed my life around to become a couple for 10 months . In the end he caused so much personal damage .

    If you have never run across such mental/emotional illness you have no natural defense but you gut .. if events and stories simply dont add up … if there are just too many coincidences .. RUN away from that person and distance yourself as much as [ossible before they do a real number on you

  8. says

    My best friend in grade school was always telling ridiculous stories he insisted were totally true. He’d had and had read every Hardy Boys book. That seemed like a feat to me, all right, but not one I really cared to emulate. One day he brought to school a tiny toy camera. This was back in the 70s before such a camera was feasible. My friend insisted the camera would take hundreds of photos. I could tell this was a fantasy, but I played along and had a lot of fun spinning around snapping the shutter, poking the lens in puddles, doing close-ups of ants, what-have-you. I would ask him later if he ever developed the photos. Yes, he said. Could I see them? Oh no, his brother accidentally burned the photos in an ashtray. … Hundreds of photos? Since I didn’t have to depend on any of my friend’s stories, it didn’t really matter if they were true, except in that it annoyed me the way he refused to come clean.

  9. Enchantra says

    You a liah
    You a flyah
    Wit sh t in your eye
    Have 25 babies on the fourth of july
    one red
    one blue
    one just like you

    Wanda here but now she gone
    leff her shoes to carry on
    those who knew her knew her well
    those what ain’t can go to hell

  10. says

    Ah, let’s see how many anonymous anti-lesbian comments we can rack up for this post. Don’t hold back, trolls!

    It’s a good thing all gay men are perfect or else we might all be held accountable for the bad apples.

  11. Sam says

    Thank you…an excellent update posting and report. Unlike the journalists on Gay USA who tends not to report on all facets of legitimate gay news: the Good plus the Bad and Ugly.

  12. twostep says

    I’ve known one pathological liar, that I’m aware of. It was my mother’s colleague’s son when I was a kid and we had to hang-out sometimes; he was so frustrating. I learned that I couldn’t believe ANYTHING he said unless ‘it’ was ‘there’ or ‘happening’ at that moment. I was reacquainted with him by accident in young adulthood, and learned nothing had changed. He would lie about EVERYTHING it seemed. I couldn’t remain in contact with him.

    This incident is so unfortunate for LGBTs. Anti-gays are going to be WALLOWING in the “Ultimate Attribution Error” paradigm. *sigh*

  13. Bernie says

    this saddens me that a gay woman ends up being a liar…….the right wing is going to grab on to this and never let go…..the sad part is that this story is similar to the boy/girl who called wolf…….there are plenty of anti-gay discrimination stories out there and now most will become suspect…….

  14. Lexis says

    The gay press (in this case HuffPost Gay Voices) seems too eager sometimes to believe and jump on every ‘story’ out there. The first thing real journalists would have done is find the diners and supposed writer of the note and get their side of the story. In fact, the restaurant could have easily stopped this parade by providing a copy of the final credit card record that was actually submitted.

  15. Zeta says

    The Other Ken, that’s disgusting! “Another had a bruise on her face from a boyfriend that punched her but it was makeup, gone the next day.”

    WTF? Is there no way to document that kind of thing officially? Her boyfriend (poor loser) may have ended up losing the rest of his life over crap like that, because folks aren’t allowed to say a woman lied.


    @Ernie and @Crispy

    Well aren’t you boys just so cute. Page me when the story is proven conclusively to be a hoax on the part of Morales. I haven’t seen anything to that effect yet. So in my opinion, it’s still inconclusive. If you have any further requests, please direct them to Pontious Pilate. Perhaps he can throw you a thief or a lair to crucify while you wait.

    Enjoy your school yard antics boys. It’s very precious.


    this is the last paragraph of your new evidence:

    “Days after the story first was reported, Lapola told the Courier News he was not working the evening of the incident. But Lapola stood by his waitress and said he instructed his staff to discount an entree from the family’s check and to credit the difference as a tip.”

  18. John M says


    Even after being presented with insurmountable evidence to the contrary, you STILL defend Ms. Morales? Are you being PAID to defend her or something?


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