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Gay Waitress Who Hoaxed Public About Homophobic Tip Appears to be a Pathological Liar: VIDEO


Dayna Morales, the Bridgewater, NJ waitress accused of hoaxing the public about a receipt she received with no tip and an anti-gay note, is apparently a pathological liar, Gannett reports:

But Morales has been caught in multiple lies, telling co-workers she shaved her head because she had brain cancer and later telling them it was her friend who had brain cancer, her colleagues and friends said.

They said she also told co-workers at a day care center where she once worked that Superstorm Sandy severely damaged her home in Stony Point, and sent a boat into her living room. Concerned co-workers dropped by her home and found only minor damage to the carpet by her front door and no sign of a boat, they said.

“Every story she comes up with has a lie,” said Julie Howat, 23, of Pomona.

Morales also told people she was a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and that she was the sole survivor of an explosion that killed everyone in her platoon. But:

A spokesman for the Marines, Major Shawn Haney, said in an email that Morales had served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve from July 13, 2009, to May 21, 2013 at the rank of Lance Corporal, E-3, as an administrative specialist. She was assigned to the Marine Air Group 49, 4th Marine Air Wing out of Newburgh and deployed from April to June 2012 to Romania as part of the Black Sea Rotational Force 11.

“There is no indication of combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan,” he added in a follow-up email. Also, “While (Morales) did not fulfill her reserve obligation, per the Privacy Act, administrative actions are not releasable. The same applies to character of service and type of discharge.”

Morales was dishonorably discharged from the Marines after not showing up for drills, according to NBC New York.

Watch their report and interviews with people about Morales's lies, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. This happen in Morris Manitoba last year with two liars owning a made headlines everywhere...

    Posted by: Ankerich | Nov 29, 2013 5:03:07 PM

  2. The Other Ken, that's disgusting! "Another had a bruise on her face from a boyfriend that punched her but it was makeup, gone the next day."

    WTF? Is there no way to document that kind of thing officially? Her boyfriend (poor loser) may have ended up losing the rest of his life over crap like that, because folks aren't allowed to say a woman lied.

    Posted by: Zeta | Nov 29, 2013 7:57:49 PM

  3. @Ernie and @Crispy

    Well aren't you boys just so cute. Page me when the story is proven conclusively to be a hoax on the part of Morales. I haven't seen anything to that effect yet. So in my opinion, it's still inconclusive. If you have any further requests, please direct them to Pontious Pilate. Perhaps he can throw you a thief or a lair to crucify while you wait.

    Enjoy your school yard antics boys. It's very precious.

    Posted by: NOTSAFEFORWORK | Nov 29, 2013 8:02:11 PM

  4. this is the last paragraph of your new evidence:

    "Days after the story first was reported, Lapola told the Courier News he was not working the evening of the incident. But Lapola stood by his waitress and said he instructed his staff to discount an entree from the family’s check and to credit the difference as a tip."

    Posted by: NOTSAFEFORWORK | Nov 29, 2013 8:03:59 PM

  5. LOL!

    If you still don't believe this woman was lying, you just plain dumb.

    Posted by: crispy | Nov 29, 2013 8:48:30 PM

  6. Another attention-seeking dyke

    Posted by: shannon | Nov 29, 2013 11:22:14 PM

  7. @NSFW: Unless you're contractually obligated to keep defending her, give it a rest. She lied.

    Posted by: Ernie | Nov 30, 2013 4:20:34 AM

  8. The anti Lesbian comments by some of the above posters are just as despicable as the action of that lying Lesbian.

    Posted by: andrew | Nov 30, 2013 1:30:49 PM

  9. At the core of this lie is the reason gay men and lesbians don't generally get along.

    Posted by: Patrick | Dec 1, 2013 8:20:43 PM

  10. @NSFW

    Even after being presented with insurmountable evidence to the contrary, you STILL defend Ms. Morales? Are you being PAID to defend her or something?


    Posted by: John M | Dec 2, 2013 3:37:36 PM

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